DeWalt is one of the best manufacturer brand in the world that produces numerous tools for manufacturer and also industries. The best thing about DeWalt production is the highest qualities and long running life. The type of the tools that are being  made by DeWalt are consisted of two things, corded and cordless tools.

DeWalt 18V Impact Driver
DeWalt 18V Impact Driver

DeWalt 18 V impact driver is one of the most cutting – edge tools that is being manufactured by DeWalt. This series is actually not the newest series since it has been released since several couple of years back. At that time, this impact driver produced by DeWalt was still a brand new product that only some people took attention toward the existence of this impact driver.

There are several series of DeWalt 18 V impact driverbeing released until nowadays. But one of them that still has a good performance is DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887. The tool connect of this series has undergone a special change, but not the other element. They are still the same. Otherwise, this tool still has fascinating performance and design.

DeWalt 18V Impact Driver Max DCF887

Although DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is not the latest series in the class but this tool still has a fascinating design, performance and value. The whole performance is still good yet to the point that you really don’t need to fix anything from the element. The only question may only whether you will need the Tool Connect or not.

The main areas of DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 that proves this tool to be one of the best impact driver in its class is the torque and speed underload. It is stated on the guidance paper, that DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 doesn’t have any load speed of 3250 RPM with the 3250 IPM. The other best thing is it can create a torque with respectable 1825 in – lbs.

1. The Performance Speed When Working Under Load

DeWalt 18V Impact Driver
DEWALT built brushless motor

DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is able to maintain the exact 429 RPM when the tool is working under load. The number this DeWalt impact driver can reach is beyond the number of pro – level impact driver in the same class which expect to be around 400+ RPM. DeWalt with its product DCF887 can reach a comfortable margin from the expected mark.

You can use DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 to drive a ¼ inch screw despite this series only finishes at the 11th place for the test. It is possible to drive anything up using this tools from smaller lags and timber screws. You can set the size of the screws using the impact wrench if you want to driver screws that have larger policy.

2. Nut – Busting Torque

DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 can generate a respectable numbers of nut – busting torque 3000 in – lbs. The performance of DeWalt DCF887 for the testing tied on the sixth place compare to the other 5 models. The numbers of 3000 in – lbs will change to 250 ft – lbs in a quick – conversion which is the same type of power that you can find in common compact impact wrenches.

3. Higher Fastening Torque

In the torque field, we can say that DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 can produce a higher number of regular fastening torque. Many common impact driver only can generate minimum 1500 in – lbs numbers of hard torque. This is different from fastening torque for DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887.

This tool is able to generate fastening torque of 2237 in – lbs and will land in the seventh place spot.

4. Footprint and Weight

DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is designed to be lighter than any common impact driver from the other model. The bare tool weighs in at 2.1 lbs that puts DeWalt DCF887 as the top fifth place which the other top three are only a slightly lighter. When you put the battery inside the tool, it will increase the weight only a pound.

DeWalt 18V Impact Driver
Compact, lightweight design for tight spaces

This series is able to do an amazing job with a good performance. The design is very compact. Even we can say that this series is one of the more compact models you can find on the usual market. Until now since four years of DeWalt DCF887 original launch, the design is still not bulky compare to the newest model.

The dimension tall of DeWalt DCF887 impact drivers is 7.7 inch while the long is only 5.3 inch. Although DeWalt DCF887 is no longer the smallest impact drivers you can find on the market, but the design is still small enough and ergonomic to use.

5. The Noise

Yes the noise is some common problems you might find when you are operating an impact driver. Especially when you are living in the crowded place in the downtown area, noise can be a very serious problem for you. DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 like any other impact drivers surely can make serious noise when you are working with them.

But we can say that the noise from DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is not the loudest one when we compare it to the other brands. The decibels is registered a 104 dB(A). The decibel numbers in only one decibel higher than the top honors. We recommend that you use hearing protection when you are operating it.

6. The Price

Although the price of DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is a slightly different on one market to the others, but the average retail price for it is $199. The price is consisted with a charger as well as slim pack battery with 2.0 Ah. You can get a money back guarantee for 90 days after you purchase it.

After that, you can also get service guarantee agreement for one year. There is also a warranty for three years after purchasing. With this price, you can get a valuable performance. If you want to purchase the other kit with other items in it, then the price for bare tool only costs $109.95. If you want to get the tool with 5.0 Ah batteries then it will cost you $258.97 while the combo kits cost $319 and more.

The Specification of DeWalt 20V Max Impact Driver DCF887

  • Model tools: DeWalt DCF887
  • Bare weight at 2.1 lbs
  • The battery included weight 3.1 lbs
  • The length dimension is at 5.3 inch
  • The height dimension is at 7.7 inch
  • Number of power source is 20 Volt
  • Impact rate at 3600 IPM
  • Maximum number of torque 0 – 240 / 1,500 / 1,825 IN – LBS
  • Number of load speed 0 – 1,000 / 2,800/ 3,250 RPM
  • Warranty total for 3 years (limited service)

The Feature Set You Get

1. Precision Mode for Three – Speed Controls

You can easily customize the impact driver’s speed and power as what you want. When you want the impact driver to work faster, then you can just slide the switch to the precision stage on the third setting. Meanwhile, if you want to set the speed at the delicate speed, then slide the switch at the first setting mode. The first setting is intended to finish the work.

DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887offers its users with three speed mode. There are some advantages you can get by using mechanical switches compare to blister buttons model. The mechanical switch is more durable and reliable to use since it depends on the mechanical work than electric counterparts.

2. Tool Connect

The exact same copy of DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887isDeWalt DCF888. This new series actually is only a carbon copy since the different only happens for the tool connect. The tool connect of the new series has undergone a special change, but not the other element. They are still the same. Otherwise, this tool still has fascinating performance and design.

The new tool connect in DeWalt DCF888 enables you to monitor the battery status as well as the tool diagnostics. You can also manage the inventory and customize the setting for the tool’s power. If you need the security alert, then you can just set it on easily. The smart and easy control for the new DCF888 is available in the latest tool connect.

3. One- Handed Bit Loading

DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is embedded with one – handed bit loading to make you more easily to change out the bits. You don’t need to set the tool down in order to do this since DeWaltImpact Driver DCF887 uses a spring to set the bit.

4. The Other Useful Features

DeWalt 20 V Max Impact Driver DCF887 is installed with several useful features such as 3 LED lights that placed around the chuck to provide sufficient light when you are working in the limited light or dark space. It also has brushless motor that makes the performance better.