According to the manufacturer, Dewalt Worm Drive Saw it best one from others as it comes with quality and the most powerful cordless circular saw that you can find out there. But before you run out to buy one, you have to know more about this tool first.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Features


The Dewalt Worm Drive Saw comes with a rear handle and also completed with the design of blade left. The diamond needs to be punched out as it takes 7-1/4 inch blade.

Blade Brake

As the most powerful tool in the world of premium saw, this tool also comes with a blade brake to make your work easy. You will be helped by this tool as it is safe for you and also the material that you use at your workplace.

Dust Blower

This cordless circular saw comes with a dust blower that not every manufacturer has them. This is a feature which is not really important but it is very helpful to keep the cutline visible so it is perfect for you that Dewalt has it.

Brushless Motor

There are many brushless motor that you can get from this tool. The most important thing is that this tool offers less heat buildup, more runtime and comes with electronic controls. Even though the price is too high but it is worth it to make your job site easy to handle.

Rafter Hook

There are a couple of tools that you just have included such as rafter hook and belt. Circular saw should have one of them. This tool is a must have because sometimes a worm drive do the cutting job for the roofers.

Overall there are no features that are missing from this tool; one of them is LED light. As the application of the worm drive is very natural, so this feature is absolutely must have for you. As Dewalt Worm Drive Saw is one of the highest prized circular saws out there, the features should be there to make your job easy.


The range for 7-14 inch worm drive circular saw is around 11-1/2 pounds to the very little one which is over 14. The Dewalt Worm Drive Saw settle at 13-3/4, so it is not really overweight but it is also not lightweight. If you compare to a couple of other sidewinders, it is not lightweight, but that is normal for worm drive style saw.

Ergonomics is handled very well by Dewalt. This tool comes with main handle that fit your hand so well. The traditional models come with tinier support handle if compare with the modern models. Even though there is no overmold in that support handle, it is better than the thinner handle with the style of metal bar.

Many people tend to have push-down trigger safety compare with push in safety on a couple of cases that you can find on a circular saw. There are no problems on the single-finger trigger that you can find so far.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Performance

Dewalt says that this tool comes with 2200 watts energy. The Dewalt Worm Drive Saw delivers 2400 watts.

Many researchers do a couple of tests. First of all, a ridge vent have been cut by two researchers named Clint DeBoer and Tim Johnson in asphalt shingle roof which has been existed. By applying Diablo Demo Demon which is completed with Tracking Point Amped, there are a couple of things that can be cut by the saw such as plenty of nails, plywood, tar paper, and shingles.

This tool is very powerful as Dewalt shows its strength by ripping cut on the full depth. Dewalt Worm Drive Saw is very strong by cutting very fast in less than 12 seconds as it comes with 8 inch length of pressure which is treated 4×4.

It is the perfect way in order to prove that this tool is very powerful, but many people still have a question whether it is good enough if compare to Rear-Handle Saw from Makita.

Even though the power is very strong, but clear cutline can be done by Dewalt Worm Drive Saw. The big portion of the equation is the cutline blower. Additionally, sawdust will be thrown back and away from the saw which is located behind the blade. This is why you cannot find this feature on Skilsaw and Makita’s Rear-Handle worm drive.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Value

If you want to buy Dewalt Worm Drive Saw, you have to spend a lot of money to have one. The FlexVolt 6.0 kit spends $369 and the bare tool is $249. If you choose to have kit route, you have to spend another $10 and buy the FlexVolt 9.0 for $379.

Even though the tool is very expensive, but this tool still has a perfect value. With the best price, you will get anything you want from the tool. It means that you will get cordless circular saw which is completed with power that you cannot find from worm drive power.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Safety

Safety Button

If you want to trigger to be engaged, first of all you have to push the safety button. The location of the button is above and behind the trigger. For those of you who are often SkilSaw, you will be confused at the beginning. But along the way you become more usual to this thing. Many people would like to see if this button is located forward do that it will be easier to handle it by using a finger. 

Electronic Brake

Once you release the trigger, the blade will be slowed quickly by an electronic brake to a stop. This feature is very useful as you have to cut material that you do not intend a couple of times when you set the saw down hurriedly. There are a couple of injuries or accidents that will be prevented that you might be received for a couple of years.

How to Use Dewalt Worm Drive Saw

This tool comes with great power. Many people surprise that Dewalt can produce tool with amount of power in the platform of battery. This saw has been used by a couple of researchers in order to frame 3 houses and it has not been able to be bogged by them. But they probably could do it if they tried. You can feel the saw in your hand with the run times that are very impressive which is completed with 9.0AH battery. And you do not have to worry as it does not tethered by a cord. There are a couple of tasks that can be done easily by using this tool such as compound jack rafters, cutting long to ripping a couple of sheets of plywood.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Improvements

Maybe you will hard to find a couple of things in order to knock on this Dewalt Worm Drive Saw. But Dewalt needs to improve the location of the safety button as many people touch it earlier. But if manufacturer does not move this button, it will not be the problem anyway for many people. The saw is located very strange when cutting but for those of you professional who operates this thing like it should, you will not any difficulties using this tool.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Impression and Conclusion

The Dewalt Worm Drive Saw has beyond any expectations for many people. This product comes with great quality but many people do not believe that they will get good product. For those of you who like to have heavy work framing saw, this tool comes with cordless alternative. There are also a couple of features that strengthen your framing sites anywhere you want.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw comes with power that you cannot find anywhere if compare to other manufacturers that are producing cordless saw. This tool is even better than corded worm drives. But many people still have a question in their mind whether the $369 price is worth for this tool or not. Besides that the power that offers by this tool is beyond everything and the best thing that you can find out there.

You have option in order to choose whether this special tool is perfect fit for you. But you will not hesitate too much when you buy this perfect tool. Therefore, this brand is famously known in this industry and you will not find many problems with missing parts and quality control. And then the conditions of the warranty are better when brand which is reputable is not common.

For those of you who are beginner or professional, this machine will find you in a good place. Even though this model is not the very best in the industry but the criteria that has been offered by the tool is perfect. You just have to patient and check this tool out.

Dewalt Worm Drive Saw Key Features

  • Perfect Lower Guard Design
  • Rafter Hook
  • Magnesium Shoe
  • Brushless Motor
  • Dust Blower Integration
  • Left Oriented Blade
  • Blade Brake