DeWalt is a world manufacturer that produces various kind of tools for construction project, woodworking and manufacturing industries. This brand is American global brand that produces hand tools, power tools and accessories. For batteries product, DeWalt has manufactured a wide range of chargers as well as battery systems  such as DeWalt20 V battery and chargewith high quality.

DeWalt is known for its best and high quality products for construction and manufacturing industries. The DeWalt20 V battery and chargealso can be used as house improvement applications. You can use DeWalt battery for your small household appliances as well as big industrial equipment.

The Cordless Batteries Made by DeWalt

For the cordless tools, DeWalt acquires three primary voltages which consisted of 20 Volts, 60 Volts, and 120 Volts. These various ranges of primary voltages produced by DeWalt can make you a little confused to choose what battery you need. Therefore, it is very necessary to be able to choose the right battery that will fit with your tool.

Before you are about to click on the “Place Order” button on the shopping cart, it is important to know the correct size for the cordless battery. The battery you need for the tool depends on the battery size required by the tool. DeWalt 20 V MAX battery and 60 V MAX battery can be used for 20 V tools. Otherwise, 60 V batteries can be used for 120 V tools and 60 V tools.

Why You Should Choose DeWalt 20 V Max Lithium Ion Battery?

The newest model of DeWalt20 V battery and chargecomes more lightweight.The DeWalt 20 V battery is a rechargeable type of batteries that own high quality energy density. This product also doesn’t have reminiscence impact toward the tools. It can last for a very long time and the loss of rate when it is left idle is quite slow.

One of the best things about DeWalt 20 V Max lithium ion battery is the self – discharge rate. The DeWalt 20 V Max lithium ion battery is the best substitution for your DeWalt 20 V battery. It can power the cordless tools such as drill, circular saw, impact driver, and chainsaw.

Various Types of DeWalt20 V Battery and Charge

1. DeWalt20 V Lithium Ion Battery DCB200 Pack 3.0

The battery pack from DeWalt has longer battery life as well as long run time. This battery has extended run – time with a 3.0 Ah. The advantage of DeWalt20 V lithium ion battery DCB200 pack 3.0is it doesn’t have memory as well as self- discharge so that it can lead to maximum productivity.

The design is very lightweight to make the use easier. You can also save more money because this bulk package is designed to be easier to open. The instant feedback on the charging state is given from 3 LED fuel gauge system.

2. DeWalt20 VMax Lithium Ion Compact Battery DCB203 Pack 2.0

Compare to the other standard packs, DeWalt20 V Maxlithium ion compact battery DCB203 pack 2.0 has more run – time for up to 33 percent. You can use this battery to power other line unit of DeWalt 20 V Max equipment. The design is very lightweight to make the use easier.The quick feedback on the charging state is given by 3 LED fuel gauge system.

The charge time is faster and it needs only 35 minute to fully charge.

3. DeWalt20 V Max Lithium Ion Compact Battery DCB201 Pack 1.0

Compare to the other standard packs, DeWalt20 V Max lithium ion compact battery DCB201  pack 1.0 has more run – time for up to 33 percent. The design is very lightweight to make the use easier. The weight is only 0.77 pounds.DeWalt offers three years of limited warranty for this series.

The charge time is really fast. It only needs for about 30 minute to fully charge.DeWalt20 V Max lithium ion compact battery DCB201  pack 1.0 doesn’t have memory as well as self- discharge so that it can lead to maximum productivity and less downtime.

4. DeWalt20 V Max XR Compact Lithium Ion Battery DCB204 Pack 12.0

This battery has longer run – time because of the 4.0 Ah. It can increase the run – time for up to 33% longer. The design is very lightweight to make the use easier.You can use this battery to power other line unit of DeWalt 20 V Max equipment.

The Best Practices to Make the Batteries Last Longer

1. Charge the Batteries As Soon As the Power is Substantially Decreased

Some people may question the best time to charge DeWalt 20 V Max lithium ion battery. They think that it is better if you just let the battery to completely discharged first before you can charge the battery. This is a very wrong practice to charge the battery. When the power in the tool has experienced a substantial decrease, then stop using the battery immediately.

Keep on using the battery to run the tool while the power has totally decreased can cause a damaged battery.

2. DeWalt Batteries Don’t Have Reminiscence Property

This is one of the best thing in using DeWalt battery. Reminiscence is the characteristic of the equipment which can lead to a decreased of run – time. Reminiscence or also called as memory condition, is developed from frequentative light use of the battery in the same equipment, for example video cameras, cordless mobile phone, electric shavers and so on.

Memory is easily to develop in a typical lower – drain rate applications for example laptops and cordless phones. This is because the rate of the draining in the battery is almost just the same. The difference in DeWalt is this product rarely has impact to the same loads or the light use. This is because there are some variability from the accessory size, the material used as well as the user behavior.

3.  Does Temperatures of The Batteries Affect the Charging Process?

The temperatures of the batteries will have a large effect on the charging process. It is not about if the batteries are too hot such as more than 105 degree Fahrenheit, but also when the batteries are too cold such as below 40 degree Fahrenheit will cause the batteries cannot take a full charge.

The ideal range of temperatures batteries when you want to charge is between 40 degree Fahrenheit until 105 degree Fahrenheit. When you are attempting to charge the batteries beyond this range of temperatures, it can cause the batteries to loss a permanent run  – time.

If the batteries is too cold or too hot, the chemical reaction that is happened when the batteries are being discharged or charged is disturbed. This is the main cause of permanent loss of run – time.

4. It Is Fine to Leave the Batteries In The Charger

For some of the batteries appliances, you cannot leave them in the charger since it can lead to several damages. But it is not the case for DeWalt 20 V battery because it has maintaining and equalization modes while you leave it in the charger. The maintaining charges modes will maintain a fully charged pack so that it will ready until the users will use it.

For DeWaltNiCd batteries, the discharge process will happen naturally when you place the batteries outside of the charger. The discharge will run for about 15 until 20% when you leave the batteries for the first 24 hours. The next day, it will discharge again for about 7 to 10% and 1% for every day after that. Meanwhile, it not happens in DeWalt lithium ion batteries.

Things You Can Do to Increase The Battery’s Run – Time

There are several simple things you can do in order to improve the run – time of the DeWalt 20 V battery. It can be done if only your batteries not suffered from permanent damage. Here are the right guidance in charging the DeWalt 20 V batteries:

1. Use the battery under regular utilization. When you notice the loss of power is happened in the equipment, you can remove the battery. When you want to remove the battery from the equipment, don’t tape the trigger to ON position.

2. Do not immediately charge the battery inside the charger. It is recommended for you to place the battery outside the charger for minimum two hours so that the temperature of the battery will decrease to room temperature.

3. After the temperature of the battery reaches room temperature,  you can put the DeWalt 20 V battery inside the charger overnight. This way, you can allow each individual cell of the battery to fully charge. It is recommended to leave the DeWalt battery for at least eight hours minimum at room temperature.

Sometimes, there is no difference in the run – time of the batteries even after you have followed those procedures. It may because of the permanent damage in the battery. Otherwise, it can be also happened if the battery has achieved its usable life time. If this happens, you should replace the battery with the new one.