How to install DeWalt trimmer line? DeWalt Trimmer Line is a string that is used as a substitute for grass cutting knives in general. These grass cut strings are very easy to use to cut grass on your home or plantation.

The advantages of this string cut grass are strong and durable. Although it is not intended to cut thick stems like a knife cut grass, these strings can minimize the bounce of stone when cutting grass. If you use a knife, the stone will bounce and can hit anyone. This why you better use the string trimmer and know how to install DeWalt trimmer line.

Grass cutting strings are the latest breakthrough in the development of grass cutting machines. This string you can use to cut grass and fine bushes easily and quickly. The purchase of grass cut strings has been included with an iron plate to link the strings with a Hole Diameter of 25.4mm and 6 spare strings. Anyway, this is how to install DeWalt trimmer line.

How to install DeWalt trimmer line?

•remove the place of the trimmer line

• This is where the grass trimmer line trimmer rolls.

• pay attention, the direction of the roll trimmer line.

• trimmer line size 1.2 mm, as a substitute

• take the trimmer line along 4 meters

• find the midpoint of the trimmer line, then bend it

• insert the end of the trimmer line into the place of the trimmer line

• arrived at the trimmer line that was bent

• make letter z

• tuck the trimmer line into its mounting.

• rotate the roll in the direction of the previous roll

• after almost everything is neatly rolled up, leave about 10 cm

• Install the trimmer line reel back to normal

• The mower is ready to use again

Okay, now you know how to install DeWalt trimmer line. What should you do next? Hey, having a beautiful house is a dream for some people. Green and neat views can provide a calm and relaxed feel. The beauty of the grass also needs to be maintained by doing pruning routinely, because the grass that is not pruned will eventually rise and become a shrub.

Usually, to maintain and trim grass, you can use a sickle or grass clippers. However, using this tool requires a long time and extra energy. Along with the development of time and technology, maintaining or cutting grass can be done easily and practically using a lawnmower, so that it will give more satisfying and neat results. That’s why you need to know how to install DeWalt trimmer line.

How to Maintain the DeWalt Grass String Trimmer Battery after knowing how to install DeWalt trimmer line

Yup, knowing how to install DeWalt trimmer line is not enough. Many tools that use battery power have experienced remarkable development lately. Various brands of world power tools continue to compete to make efficient battery power tools. From battery drills to battery-powered vacuum cleaners, everything is not impossible right now. The development not only happened to the engine but also the battery and the charger.

Some of the most sophisticated power systems on the market now have batteries with integrated microprocessors that sense battery condition and communicate with chargers. The charger “reads” the battery and optimizes its power based on the information it receives, increasing the performance and longevity of the battery.

In addition to better electronics, manufacturers such as DeWalt have improved the tool-battery interface. So that the battery becomes more efficient and attractive.

How to Maintain the Battery Power Tool after knowing how to install DeWalt trimmer line

Several things must be considered besides how to install DeWalt trimmer line so that the battery power tools are durable and long-lasting. Here are ten of our tips for maximizing the use of your Lithium-Ion battery, helping to maximize performance and runtime:

• Use only original batteries for the best performance and safe compatibility with devices and chargers.

• Store and charge the battery in a cool, dry location.

• Avoid exposing the battery to liquid, oil, or extreme temperatures.

• Clean the battery with a clean, slightly damp cloth; do not use solvents.

• If your battery no longer charges, take it to a Service Center near you for fast, free and safe disposal.

• Follow the proper transportation guidelines. For example, use the red transport cover when sending batteries.

• Remove the battery from the device before storing it for a long time.

• Fully charge the battery before storing it for a long time (more than 6 months).

• Do not use batteries with visible damage or cracks. Learn how to install DeWalt trimmer line so that you can replace them regularly.

Heat is the number one killer in battery performance. Most of the heat is generated by using tools and charging, the solution is to remove your battery from the charger and let it cool for several minutes before using it again.

Most chargers turn off automatically when the charging process is full. If you unplug the battery when it is full, there will be a little heat left. Give the benefits of cooling for only a few minutes before putting it back into the load. In hot weather conditions, store the battery in a cool and shady place. So, after you find out how to install DeWalt trimmer line, apparently you also need to store them properly.

Type of Grass Cutting Machine


Electric Lawnmower

DeWalt Trimmer Line

There are 2 types of electric lawnmowers, namely electrical installations (cables) and batteries (without cables). Its use is easier and lighter because there is no engine vibration. Knowing how to install DeWalt trimmer line will not help you with this machine since this one uses a blade instead of a string line.

Back Grass Cutting Machine

DeWalt Trimmer Line

A back grass cutting machine is a lawnmower machine that is carried at the back. This back grass cutting machine can cut grass on pages where the ground surface is uneven or bumpy. This type of machine is almost the same shape as a pest sprayer. When using this machine it should be used by walking forward, not walking backward. Avoid the stone during operation so that the lawnmower doesn’t break easily

Types of Choosing Knives for Back Grass Cutting Machines:

Knives cut the strings of grass, using strings will be safer if the knife hits rock or gravel. Because stones or gravel will not be thrown on the operator.

Crossbar: Usually used to cut large enough grass such as reeds, elephant grass and so on.

Toothed round knife 8: This type of knife is suitable for cutting thickets.

80-toothed round knife: This type of knife is used for cutting tree branches.

Push Lawnmower

It is a lawnmower that is used by way of being pushed. This machine is suitable for use in the yard or field with level ground. This machine can cut grass to the edge according to the wheel lane. At the push, the shaft can be folded so it is very easy when stored and there is a grass reservoir. When operating a lawn push machine it should be used by going around to rotate the grass so it can be collected in the middle of the yard and easily thrown away.

Car Grass Cutting Machine

Car lawnmowers are machines that are easy to use like driving a car. At the bottom of this lawnmower, there is a mower that works. This type of machine is suitable for use in very large areas such as soccer and golf courses.

Change the air filter regularly because the air is too dirty can hamper the engine’s performance so it is not optimal.

Tips for Safely Cutting Grass

Cutting grass with a lawnmower is indeed practical. Simply running the machine, the grass is cut with a length that can be determined. Knowing properly how to install DeWalt trimmer line will also improve safety. However, since you’ve already known that from the information above, here are several things you need to know more about safety.

However, in using a lawnmower, safety remains first. Sharp knives and the existing electricity can carry the risk of danger. If you regularly check before using a lawnmower, the danger can be avoided.

Take the following steps, as reported by The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). Read the lawnmower’s manual and follow the instructions. If this manual is lost, look for the digital version on the internet.

  • Check the completeness on the lawnmower. See if there are any loose chains or missing machine parts. Replace immediately if there are accessories that are damaged.
  • Always clean your lawnmower from the soil, oil, or grass clippings. A well-maintained machine will work more efficiently and last longer.
  • Sharpen the blade on your lawnmower, so you can cut the grass instead of tearing it. A sharp blade will make the machine work more efficiently.
  • Immediately replace the broken trimmer line due to being hit by a stone. By taking care of the lawnmower, your safety is guaranteed, the lawn in the yard will be even more beautiful!

Alright, now you know all about string trimmer from DeWalt. You know how to install DeWalt trimmer line, you know how to maintain them, and many more. It’s time for you to start replacing your trimmer line and get going with the grass cutting. Happy gardening!