Dewalt Battery Cordless Grinder works with dewalt 20v max battery. Anyway, grinder in general is a machine tool used for cutting, sharpening or grinding workpieces. This machine works by turning the grinding stone in contact with the workpiece so that there is cutting, scraping, sharpening and sharpening.

Safety tips for working with Dewatl Battery Cordless Grinder with 20v max battery

This machine is often used in oil and gas projects, construction, shipyards, metal factories, and workshops. Improper use of hand grinding often results in accidents while working. For this reason, each project is required to educate every worker about the use of hand grinders safely and safely. Here below are some of the hazards that can occur when operating a dewalt 20v max battery hand grinder:

1. Dewalt 20v max Battery Cordless Grinder can cut parts of the body if you are not careful in using them.

2. The danger of sparks, this can be protected by using fire blankets so that sparks do not spread which can cause fires.

3. The danger of dust can disturb the user’s eyesight and breathing, so use a mask and safety glasses when grinding.

4. Electrical hazards can cause an explosion or shock to the user and the surrounding area. For that, make sure the power cable is safe and no insulation is open.

5. The danger of workpieces bounce or ejected to the face then uses face protection that is following the standards.

6. Do not press the disc too hard when grinding, because the disk fragments and being thrown can hurt workers.

Some personal protective equipment that must be used when grinding.

• Ear Plug

• Safety Glasses

• Face Shield

• Leather Glove

• Helmets

• Boots

• Dust Mask

Using safety gear at work does not mean that we will be free from danger, but only to minimize the potential danger. The procedure for using equipment safely is very important to master. Here are some things that need to be considered when operating a hand grinding machine.

The things that must be considered in using a hand grinding to be safe and secure are as follows:

1. When replacing the grinding blade, always turn off the grinder, to prevent you from unintentionally press the “fire” button. By this way, the electric from the 20v max battery is completely cut off.

2. Use a standard key to replace the grinding blade. The dewalt 20v max batteryCordless Grinder comes with it. Never use a common tools, it will break your grinder blade lock.

3. RPM of the grinding blade must be greater than the grinding RPM.

4. Avoid the use of grinding blades that are not following their functions. Like, do not use cutting grinding blades for grinding (sandpaper).

5. Do not be too strong when pressing the grinding blade. Pressed blade will consume more power, which will drain your dewalt 20v max batteryquicker.

6. Hand grinding should not be too pressed so that the spark produced is not too much and the grinding work is lighter. Try to splash in a safe direction.Direct the spark down and remove flammable objects during the grinding process.

7. Make sure at the time of use, our body is in good health. An unhealthy body will result in a lack of concentration at work. If the body is less healthy or tired, you should take a break first

8. Ensure a comfortable working environment, good air circulation, adequate lighting, no standing water, and no flammable materials around the workplace.

9. When connecting the grinding cable to a power source, try to hold the grinding machine. This is to avoid the switch still in the ON position when connecting to a power source.

10. Ensure that the grinding material is not moving/shifting. Hold the material firmly or clamp using the vise.

11. Hold the grinding machine tightly when in use. The friction of the grinding blade with the material can cause a beat to the hand grinding. Therefore it must be held tightly so as not to be separated.

12. After using a dewalt 20v max batteryhand grinder, you don’t need to disconnect the battery. Just make sure you turn it off and charge the battery if it’s drained out.

13. For a cordless grinder, if you feel the dewalt 20v max battery, stop working immediately. It means there is a battery failure and it can be dangerous. Althoug, for a high quality tools such as Dewalt, this things rarely happen. But, when it does happen, you know what to do.

Tips on how to care for dewalt 20v max Battery Cordless Grinder so they don’t get damaged quickly

So there are some things you need to consider tips on how to care for the grinder so that it is not easily damaged. There are several points that you can do yourself at home or in your workshop so that the grinder you have is durable and does not break easily. The points about tips on how to care for the dewalt 20v max battery grinder so they don’t get damaged quickly include:

So the five ways are a few tips on how to care for the grinder so that it is not easily damaged. But maybe these points need a more detailed explanation so you can easily read them and later practice them. And in the points below, we will try to explain in detail each of the five points on how to treat the dewalt 20v max battery grinder above.

1. Do not immediately turn off the dewalt 20v max battery grinder

The first thing you need to understand as a way to care for the dewalt 20v max battery grinder so they don’t get damaged quickly is by not turning off your grinder when you finish using them. What is the reason? Of course, you know how the grinder works. Grinders have heads whose ends will rotate when the grinding machine is turned on. And the tip of this grinding head rotates because of the rotation of the armature that is driven by electricity.

With us turning off the grinding machine immediately when you have finished grinding, the grinding machine is still in a hot state and can damage the grinding parts attached to the engine.

This wind circulation is a wind circulation without heat from the engine because the motor rotates without load. And when that happens, the engine will cool quickly and certainly will not damage the grinding parts that are attached to or close to the engine.

2. Change Grease Routinely

Of course, a rotating motor must be given some kind of lubricant to treat its rotational serrations. So when you forget or do not replace the grease on your grinding machine, the serrations of the rotational machinery will quickly erode and eventually will be sharp and thin. But if you change grease regularly, then the serrations of your grinding machine will remain awake and not erode quickly.

3. Do not be pressed when being used

The third way to care for grinding is to use a grinding machine normally, do not press when used. What causes the grinding machine to break down quickly if you press it? As we explained above in point 1, that the grinding machine will heat up when getting a load either the pressure from the user’s hand or the pressure when meeting an object or its grinding object. The more pressure, the burden on the motor or engine will get heavier and the engine will heat up faster. The heat of the grinding machine will quickly damage the engine and can even burn the motor and the body can melt if it is too extreme heat. It will definitely break your grinder.

4. Clean Regularly

The fourth way to care for your grinding is to clean it regularly and routinely. This is certainly following our logic. Because all motorcycles or machines need cleaning. When dust builds up on the engine, the engine will work heavier and the engine will quickly heat up. But if you routinely clean the dust in your grinding machine, then your motor or grinding machine will stay awake.

5. Maintain the dewalt 20v max battery

Yes, as a cordless grinder, you need to maintain the battery. How do you maintain dewalt 20v max battery? Well, battery has lifetime. That’s without question. But, it doesn’t mean you can use it recklessly knowing that it will break anyway. There are few things you need to do to increase the lifetime of a battery.

Never ever let the battery completely drained out. You also need to charge the battery with the proper charger made for dewalt 20v max battery. Last but not least, never let your battery charged overtime. Too much electric current goes into it will break the battery. Althoug, an original Dewalt battery charger has the cut off system when a battery is full, still, you better pull the battery out of the charger after several hours of charging. The amount of time depends on the specification of the Dewatl Charger.