DeWalt is known for various products including dewalt radial arm saw like one of those products that will make everything easier. There are many options fora product that you can find besides the saw tool mentioned earlier such as hammers, grinders, and many more tools that will help you make the work is finished easier and faster.

The following information below will tell you more about the dewalt radial arm saw and what it will do for you. This is one of those products that you can find from DeWalt among those saw products. You must know what kind of product it is to help you find the right one so that you can use its best. Moreover, this is also the type of saw products by DeWalt which is only available in one type of specification. This is why you might find this DeWalt as the best option that you can get so far. Find out more about this product and the benefit that you can get from this tool.

Know More about the Product

DeWalt might be known for its best product such as those power tools, but you do not have any complete information about all of their products. This information below will tell you more about the dewalt radial arm saw which is available below the specialty saw category. Furthermore, this tool is the only option available in the specialty saw category. This is why you should get every single detail about this tool in which there are benefits that you can get from it.

This tool is known for its advance design which is prepared for a specific purpose. By having sufficient information about this tool, you will be able to use this tool to complete every task related to woodwork. This is a tool will provide you with those benefits that you cannot get by using another tool. This is why this tool is a different tool that will be perfect for industrial woodworking.

The Features

This dewalt radial arm saw is designed to give you the best benefit for the woodworking industry. For instance, you can get this tool to provide accurate crosscuts consistently. The quality of the tool that has been known for years comes together with the reputation of DeWalt which will always provide the best tool. Moreover, there will be more benefits comes with this specific saw tool. The specific design will provide you the best performance. This tool is designed with solid cast iron arm machined which is supported with no inserts so that it will be able to provide you with increasing life and accuracy.

The tool will also provide you with some other benefits which make it a special tool. For better and more powerful performance, it comes also with quiet maintenancethree-phase induction. It will make it possible to bring the maximum power at the maximum capacity of this tool. If you look for a single voltage tool, there is also another option of this tool that you can pick in a different type of tool DW728KN. However, this is not the features that make it the best tool for woodworking, you can also find a piece of standard equipment included like the dust shroud that comes together with 4” outlet.

This tool is designed carefully that it is adjusted and pre-assembled to provide you with the best security for its packaging when the tool is delivered to you. This way, you will find another benefit so that you can have a reduced set up time. While it looks insignificant, it will give you a big favor when you need to pack it up quickly. This is the thing that DeWalt concerns to provide the best for every customer.

Another simple thing that comes with significant benefit is the features on its positive controls and adjustment scales. This feature will let you easily set the width, depth, and angle accurately. Besides, you can have this feature in seconds since it is designed to make it possible for every user to get the benefit in only seconds with its simple design.

 More about this saw tool, it comes together with free-standing features including the capacity to produce 525 mm crosscuts and also 110 mm depth of cut. This is another feature that you should know about this tool since the maximum capacity of this tool will also determine how you can use this tool at its best. This basic information will be very important especially for those who will work with a large scale of the workload with woodworking so that they will know how to use this tool to support their effective productivity.

Specification of the Tool

Before using this tool, it is also important that you should understand every detail of its specification. It will help you perform and maintain the best performance of this tool. This tool will need 4000 Watts of power input and it will provide 3300 Watts of power output. The blade speed will reach 2780 rpm with a diameter of 350 mm. It is also supported bya 30 mm blade bore. This tool is designed to provide a maximum of 53 m/sec cutting speed with a maximum crosscut of 525 mm at 90° while it will provide 270 mm maximum capacity at 45°.  At a different angle, it will also provide different maximum depth. At 90°, this tool will perform a maximum capacity of 110 mm cut. On the other hand, it will perform a maximum capacity of 75 mm cut at 45°.

More on the dimension of this tool, you will have a dewalt radial arm saw with 149 kg weight. It comes with 1138 mm for the depth, 1800 mm length, and 1450 mm of height. Together with this tool, you will also some parts which are included in the package such as 32-tooth saw blade, assembly tools, automatic safety return, blade brake and also legstand. Those are the available specification of this tool that you should know before you get this saw tool since it is the only design available under the specialty saw.

How to Get It?

If you are going to purchase this dewalt radial arm saw, you can simply find the nearby retailer. It is easy to get the tool from DeWalt since they are available with some retailers which are easy to access. By reaching their official website, you can find the section that will help you find a retailer to help you find the best tool you need. However, you can also reach them by phone.

You can also make sure that it is also available at the specific retailer which is assigned by DeWalt in every country since you might not find it at some countries which are available for purchase at the third-party retailer. This is why you should confirm the specific method to purchase the tool especially when you plan to get this tool in a certain country where DeWalt official retailer is not available.

Get the Other Products by DeWalt

DeWalt will also provide you with a lot of products to support your specific work on industrial working. You can simply go to their website to find out those tools available to make your support your productivity. DeWalt comes with a more specific tool to help you get the benefit of a simpler, faster and even more effective work. This dewalt radial arm saw is just one of those options that you can find at DeWalt which is specifically designed to provide the benefit for woodworking. 

It is easy to find the best product you need at the DeWalt website since they will show you those specific categories of the tool including saw, grinder, hammer jack, or laser. Each of them is available on the website to be found easily. What you need to do is to find out which tool you need. You can also read the description of every tool you might need to find out the capacity detail and some other benefits that you can get from the tool. It is important to find a tool that will provide you with specific benefits since every tool is designed to provide a maximum capacity of specific work.

For more details about the specific tool at DeWalt, there will be a specific section that will tell you those details of every tool specification. It will tell you more about the capacity, the dimension and also the specific limit of every tool. This is very effective for those who look for a specific tool that will be very helpful for you especially when you want to find the further limitation of the tool. DeWalt will provide you with every detail you need to know about the tool that you can get on its website or any website that will help you with the order of DeWalt tool since some other store will also help you with the purchase for those DeWalt tools in which dewalt radial arm saw is one of those tools that you can find online to help you get the best offer.