We can do many activities outdoors from jogging, running, hiking and biking are just some outdoor activities that will keep you going and will keep you energized for the day ahead.

According to studies, outdoor activity gives us a sense of liveliness. Just being outside and enjoying the simplicity of life gives us an added elation and gives us a sense of positivity, not to mention the benefit that our body will get from it.

Now, let us tackle some fun outdoor games that many people can play.



Specifically designed and optimized for Pickleball game.

Authentic bounce providing truest flight as this ball is specially designed for Pickleball. This ball features smaller holes, and the weighting is precise. This ball boast of its exceptionally durable material, better balance, as the most Authentic Bounce Technology and True Flight Technology.

Weights 3.2 ounces.



The set includes 3 balls, carrying case and rules of the game.

Here is an exciting game for adults and kids at heart. This game can be likened to the game of Volleyball style outdoor game. This game is super fun for friends and family. Enjoy many hours of playing outside your home in the yard, while you’re camping, while at the beach or when you’re on cookouts.

SLAMMO is such an engaging game that people can enjoy for hours. Your competitive spirit will surely be high. This is an action-packed game like Volleyball, but less the hassle of setting it up.

The game set includes a lifetime warranty that if it breaks or you misplace a part, it will be replaced. Just keep the warranty and there’ll be no questions asked.

Beware of imitation though that boasts of the cheap price but compromises the quality.

Product dimension: 36x36x10 inches and weighs 1 pound.




Have fun outdoors with these game balls that come in 2 styles, the 8.5″ Cyclone Football, and the 8.25″ diameter X-Ball. They build this ball to be played whether you are a volleyball, football, or soccer fanatic. They make this ball to be durable that you can just kick, dunk and splash all you want.

No worries about playing this outside the water as it is of no issue where, as long as you want to have fun and want some active ball games, this is surely the game for your group.

Product Dimension: 7.2×7.2×0.2 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces.



For that fun and exhilarating game of catch, then get this flying ring. This flying ring set a Guinness World Record because of its uniqueness and for the farthest throw. They make the flying ring with its unique design, soft edges for secure grip, designed for an accurate and long-distance throw. It has a thin profile measuring 1/8-inch-thick making this flying ring slice through the air with no drag.

You can go outside for great fun of catch. Get the boys (and gals!) to play with you outside and you can play for hours and hours.

The product dimension is 0.2x13x15 inches and weighs 5.1 ounces.


Complete Set with 25-Inch-Tall King (Color: Black and white)

This set is a popular game set by MegaChess. Players can play indoors or outdoors, and this game can bring families and friends together. Groups of people who enjoy complex strategies that can be found in the game of chess can play this game. 2 teams can play it. The set is highly durable and was made to last a long time. The product dimension is 28x40x31 inches and weighs 35.8 pounds.


This game is easy to set up, and there are several ways to play with dominoes. Several people can play this game. Games such as toppling can be played with this Giant Dominoes and the game of double six or 12.

This set of dominoes has a colorful design, with bright colors. The set is also easy to store as this set is sold together with a Giant Storage Bag.

The product dimension is 11×4.7×6.3 inches and weighs 3.44 pounds.


playing cards

Get the ultimate playset a group of people can enjoy. Play with the Playing Cards that are almost 8 times larger. The letters and prints are so easy as they are printed with huge letters and bold numbers. It can benefit those who have low vision clarity. Playing cards are also great for doing magic tricks and other fun entertainments for adults.

The product dimension is 12×8.5×1 inch, weighs 2.45 pounds.


card game

A strategic Card Game for parties and camping. This game is great for adults and kids (and kids at heart). The goal of the game is to collect the 7 unicorns in each play area or what they call stable. Unstable Unicorns has been one of the top 100 most backed startup projects.

Product dimension: 5x8x4x2 inches and weighs 12.8 ounces.



With this game set, you can now enjoy the game, plus double the size. Your group can bring it to parties, picnics, classrooms and other group activities.

This game is so easy to set up, it is foldable and can be easily stored. Since it is lightweight, you can bring it anywhere with you and just set up wherever you want. You can play it on the lawn, the beach, or simply at a friend’s garage. It is no biggie!

This game is durable and will last a long time, because of its rip-resistant plastic material. The product dimension is 14.5×11.5×7 inches and weighs 3.99 pounds.


playing outdoors

This game has a rating of 4 to 5 stars because of the fun it brings to any group of people or fun for your family. This has a high rate because of the ease of use, easy setup and durability. The set is lightweight and can easily be brought to any party, gathering, or even picnics. This set not only has a durable disc but also chains.

GoFINDIT – Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Play the natural outdoor scavenger hunt. Best to play with family and friends. Enjoy nature, enjoy outdoors. Not just your ordinary card game, but a spectacular way to enjoy your time. You may play this while on picnic parties; family get together and such. You can play the game even for a whole day.

The product dimension is 4x3x1 inches and weighs 3.2 ounces.

ROLLORS BACKYARD GAME ( Lawn Game for Summertime Fun, camping, Tailgating, BBQ’s, picnics and beach outings, with all wood, yard game combining bowling, bocce ball, and horseshoes)

A new game familiar to everyone as it combines the traditional games of bowling, bocce ball, and horseshoe game. The game is the combination of not just luck but skills too. Great for the whole family and a group of friends or colleagues. This game set can be brought anywhere since it has a convenient carrying case that you can just grab whenever there is a special gathering. Bring it to your family outing, picnics, beach outings, camping trips, and team-building fun.

This game is best as a gift for your friends or to your family. Surely a gift that anyone can remember.

The product dimension is 3.5×3.5×5 inches and weighs 3 pounds.

BULZIBUCKET Beach, Tailgate, Camping, Yard Game

playing outdoors

The game is perfect for any outdoor game or even indoor game. Great for any trip such as camping adventure, beach outing, picnic or even barbecue parties. Can be played 3 styles such as Throw, assist and hack it. With easy assembly and breakdown. Easy to bring, as it is only lightweight. This game is worth the price for the amount of fun it will bring to your family and friends.

The product dimension is 19×18.8×6.2 inches and weighs 8 pounds.


playing outdoors

This is a team game where you can get your family involved. Kan Jam is a target toss game such as disc golf, corn hole, or beer pong that creates a unique, fun playing experience. So fun and easy to use. This is not just fun, but competitive teams can play this game. Best for backyard or tailgate parties and during camping and beach outings.

Product dimension 3.5×4.7×7.9 inches and weighs 1 pound.


playing outdoors

CARRYING BAG included.

The game is easy to set up, easy to carry and can be easily stored. This is a leisure sport for your family, friends and great for a family gathering, parties, picnics, and team building.

Made up of hardwood handle and hardwood mallet that is easy to screw with short time installation.

It comes with an extra-large carrying bag for carrying convenience. They make the game to be durable, and to last a long time.

YARD GAMES GIANT TUMBLING TIMBERS with carrying case included.

playing outdoors

Go play outdoors, out in the sun! Just bring with you these Giant size timbers and you are good to go. Best for picnics, BBQ parties, group events, and camping. You cannot go wrong with this game. Stack the pieces of timbers, get your players and you can start.

56 Giant size timbers with 2 extra blocks for best stacking arrangement. The stacks can be from 7.5×7.5 inches and 2.5 feet tall. It can reach up to 5 feet while playing this game. If players will keep stacking and pulling timbers, it will be as high as that. Players can enjoy hours and hours of fun and lively entertainment.

This timber came from New Zealand Pine Woodblocks from their sustainable source of pine woods. Each block was hand sanded to make it smooth for gameplay.

This game also includes a high quality, high strength nylon carrying case for easy carrying when you’re on the go with your friends. Transportation of this game should be no problem.

Just bring along your family and a group of friends out on the beach, or in the park perhaps, and start playing!

Introduction to playing: Best to build this tower on a flat surface for a more stable position. Then each one of you will take turns in removing one block at a time. The main aim is not to topple the tower, and the last player to play wins the game.

The game starts from 2.5 feet then can grow up to 5 feet tall.

56 pieces of wood that are sustainably sourced from New Zealand Pine. Hand sanded piece by piece for that extra smooth and playability. With a free high strength case for carrying.


4 people can play this game. Your group can take turns playing. This set contains 4 plastic scoops for catching, two rubber racquetballs for gameplay, customized storage bag, and its waterproof instructions.

This game is the classic Scoop Ball Toss with a new spin.

The game set provides your team, your family, and friends with hours of outdoor activity. They can play it during family get together, backyard parties, camping trips, be it at the beach, or just simple backyard fun.

This game has some similarities with a paddle ball, scoop ball, with just a unique set of rules to follow.

It is an ideal game that can improve your hand-eye coordination, for staying active, good to make you sweat and exercise, or just to bring people together.

With Hoot’s way of making you play as a team by throwing, catching, playing defense and offense will surely give you lots of laughter. The key is to toss the rubber ball, and the other set of players will do everything to catch the ball with the handheld scoop. One must stay attentive and play defense so the other team cannot score. The team needs to reach 21 points for them to win. The game set weighs 1.1 pounds.


playing outdoors

Dubbed as Cornhole on steroids.

This game is great for a family outing, backyard games, camping, social gatherings, and beach parties. This game is considered a highly interactive game that will keep every player engaged in a fun and competitive spirit. Ramp shot will develop your hand-eye coordination, motor skills, boost team effort and will create a feel-good, old fashion fun for all the players.

The game can be played by four players at a time, so others can take turns in playing. The goal of the game is to have a team each on the opposite side, they will have to score points by shooting directly in the net, catching the ball after bouncing off the top of the ramp, and can make steals for an extra point. The team needs to get 15 points for them to win.

The game set weighs 2.2 pounds.

Common questions about this game are its durability, ease of use and the dimension of the item.


The perfect game outside for your family and friends. Just have it on a flat or stable surface then you can enjoy bowling for as long as you like.

They make the bowling pins with a flat weighted surface at the bottom to keep the pins from tumbling over. The bowling balls are all inflatable with 3 holes each, just like real bowling balls.

They can play it indoors or outdoors. Best for parties, get together, backyard games just to name some.

They made the giant bowling set to be durable for extreme fun.

The product dimension is 11.5×7.7×3.5inches and weighs 2.3 pounds.

BUCKETBALL – TEAM COLOR EDITION With 11 color options.

BucketBall is the best outdoor game there is. Said to be perfect for camping, beach, tailgates, backyard play, weddings, group activities or plus more! BucketBall is like beer pong, but bigger. Bucketball is family-friendly and good for all ages. There are 11 bucket color options so you can easily mix colors and match to represent each of your team. They make these tailgate game balls perfect for playing on hard surfaces, it will not bounce far or roll away too much.

Only bucketball are compatible with the inflatable rack set which allows you to play without the need to weigh the buckets down with a large amount of water, even sand or any weighted material. The inflatable rack can even float on water so you can easily have a choice if you want to play it in the water or on a flat surface. Beware of imitation, as there is a knockoff brand that is not compatible with Bucketball accessories. Buying imitation will not only waste your money, but you will not also enjoy the full benefit of the game.

BucketBall is considered being an original yard pong game, made with quality and durability in mind. BucketBall is a great addition to your collection of giant outdoor games.

This Bucketball game set comes with 3 different balls mainly; Tailgate Game Balls, Bucket Pong Game Balls, and Hybrid Game Balls.


  • It does not bounce far and does not roll too far.
  • Just like a hacky sack.
  • Ideal for playing on flat surfaces.
  • Great for playing outside during windy weather because of the heaviest game ball.
  • Ease of gameplay experience.
  • 2.3-inch diameter weighs 60 grams.
  • Best for beginners.


  • A larger version of a ping-pong ball game.
  • Highly durable, the great bounce factor.
  • Not just waterproof but can easily float on water.
  • 3.3-inch diameter weighs 50 grams.
  • Ideal for players who like a beer-pong playing experience.


  • Likened to a racquetball.
  • With excellence bounce and great durability.
  • Ideal even during windy conditions.
  • Waterproof and can easily float on water as well.
  • 2.3-inch diameter that weighs 50 grams.
  • Players who love a challenging playing experience.


Play ring toss like you’ve never played it before because here comes the GlowCity LED RING! We at GLOWCITY have tried to take this game to a whole new level, and they have succeeded. It will be an experience you can enjoy and will never forget. The fun and excitement waiting for you, and the laughter from your friends and family, will surely be exhilarating. They have considered everything there is to consider the game and such. This game is of high quality and high durability. Everything is powered using a battery with bright illumination using LED Lights. In this game, you will receive two green LED Target Stakes that have a bright illumination of 360 degrees. There are also 4 fiber optic battery-powered tossing rings with 2 of each color. Blue and Red. While playing this game, you will surely be amazed at the moving colors.

The game is best played during the night for great effect, but can also be played during the daytime. Best played with your family and friends or group. They can play it at the beach, while camping, at barbecue parties or while on your lawn or backyard.

Upon purchase you will receive:

  • 2 Green LED Target Stakes.
  • 2 Blue LED Throwing Rings.
  • 2 Red LED Throwing Rings.

What is so cool about this game?

-Everything Lights the brightest, considered being brighter than that of a glow stick.

-The ring can pass off like a neon light, because of its brightness.

-with advance fiber optic technology.

-The whole ring illuminates.

-There is a push-button for on and off function.

-they can replace batteries.

-highly durable.

-high quality.

– You can use as long as you please.


Bamboo playing outdoors

Can you still remember the classic LIMBO game during your childhood? Where you had the most fun trying to pass a bamboo with your bent body looking up the skies? Well, here it is again!

This Limbo Kit for parties is best for a large group of people, it can be a get-together or a reunion of a sort, pool party, a beach celebration perhaps or even a barbecue party. Goes best with the right beat and great music to go along with the step while you are about to do the Limbo.

Many have tried but failed. Yes! For many, this game just dislikes them. Some would say this game is easy (if you have a pliant or well-exercised body), not so for those who just sit in front of the tv all day (the bent bodies are not good for the back). Heck, just play for the fun of it!

Easy assembly, durable and will last long.

Weighs 3.95 pounds.

GARDEN GAMES GET KNOTTED 3mx3m PVC MAT – suitable for up to 30 players!

Have you tried playing the TWISTER floor game? Can you remember a game where you laugh the most and have made so many fun memories because of the quirkiness of the said game? You must recall the game of TWISTER FLOOR GAME. This game is the classic spin of the TWISTER floor game, but bigger.

The game starts with any of the team doing the spinning of the wheel and follow whatever the tasks they were asked to perform – move a hand or move your foot, over, under, remove the limb or – whoa! Just kidding. But you get my idea.

After a few turns, each player’s limbs will get entangled. Almost every player cannot move that much. This leads to a chaotic but funny situation all at the same time.

The game will identify the winner if someone can no longer bear the situation and will fall out. The last one that is left on the mat, survives- or this case, wins the game.

The bright mind behind this game is Hasbro, considered being the corporate games giant.

Best to play with many people. Can be played during parties, after wedding parties, ice-breaker or big social gathering or even at office parties. It can be played outdoors or indoors. If outdoors, you can play it on the beach, lawn, large space or backyard.

All you have to do to start the game is throw the inflatable dice and you will determine where to move or place your arm or your legs. The longer the games continue, the more unexpected tangling and contorting there will be.

  • Best for an ice-breaker because each one will get to know the players and will soon see everyone’s funny side.
  • The game includes 2 inflatable dice with 8 pegs to hold down the board measuring 3m square.
  • the throw of 2 dice will determine the movement.
  • Great to play for a large number of people, a maximum of 30 players, but 12 is ideal.
  • Game is waterproof, but exposure must be limited during extreme weather.
  • Best to be stored in a dry place, too.

Size is 9.8 square feet board.

XUMING WATER GUN (78cm Water Pistol with a Large Capacity

Pull-Type, water toy gun)

Great idea for a summer game where any number of people can join. Just get your water gun and spray to the best of your ability and get your opponent dripping with water. But take note that the drier you are, the longer you will stay in the game. Ideal for pool games, backyard parties, beach games, lawn activities. Great to play with your friends, colleagues on a summer outing, family get together.

The water gun has a strong range of 6 to 10 meters. They make it of high plastic material that is suitable for adults and children alike. The water gun has smooth, soft edges and great handle texture, and easy on the grip. Comfortable to handle and lightweight.

The water gun has a pull-out design, or stretch to launch a clear water jet spray to your opponents.

The product dimension is 78x26x11cm and weighs 1.6kg.

RACE BAG Great for Outdoor Sports, Training fun Race Game

This game is great for outdoor fun. Many people can play it. Best for a get-together, barbecue parties, beach parties or at a yard game or inside your lawn.

Train your sense of balance with running while inside the sack. Speed is also crucial, so you can help your team win.

2 teams can play the Bag Race, or you can create as many teams as you like. It can be a team of 5 people each or depending on the number of people you have. The first team to finish with every member of the team taking part in the race will win.

The Race Bag is made of highly durable material for added protection during play, no worries of it being torn or ripped while the game is on. This game can help with your hand-eye coordination and effectively uses motor skills. Great fun, excitement, and laughter await those who will play this game.

ToysOpoly Playground Dodgeball set Balls 8.5-inch (set of 24)

Dodgeball set

Get your team together and play the Dodge ball game. You can have 2 teams with 6-8 members each or depend on how many there are in your group. Great for parties, beach games, barbecue parties, and family gatherings. Best to be played outdoors.

Dodgeball is where there are 2 teams to throw balls at each other and hit opponents. The idea is not to get hit by the dodgeball. The team with a last standing team member wins the game.

This is so much fun to play for everyone, can be an adult or even children. Need speed and hand-eye coordination is a must.

They make this Dodgeball to be durable and nontoxic.

Also, these balls were made of the highest standard and they used revolutionary materials. With an easy to grip and soft to touch material, there will be no stopping you from enjoying the game.

The lists above are just samples that your friends or family can enjoy, most especially during the summer season. Or, all year round. There are plenty to choose from, you just have to check with others on their preference. But since it’s all for the fun of it, we can be sure that the games above will do the trick.