If you have worn-out or dead batteries from your tools or devices and you think it could be a great deal to extend their life for up to three years, EZ Battery Reconditioning Program could be a perfect choice for you. With the EZ battery reconditioning, you can forego buying a new battery while you maximize the benefits of your old batteries at absolutely no cost. But how can you do this? Read on to unlock a life-saver secret

EZ battery reconditioning

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

This is a 10 to 20-minute method of breathing new life to a worn-out battery that you already own. It requires the use of simple tools like a multi-meter that you will test the battery and revives the underperforming ones by almost doubling the lifespan you can get in an average car or tool battery. The EZ battery reconditioning is a program developed by Tom Ericson and no doubt has helped keep hundreds of thousands of cars on the road and other devices that use batteries by doubling the lifespan of batteries that have died down or are underperforming. Besides, this program has kept thousands of batteries out of the landfill.

Most cars, golf carts, and other devices are powered by lead-acid cell batteries. Usually, a lead plate is immersed in sulphuric acid to create a reaction that results in the creation of electricity. Corrosive processes that are natural to the battery occur over time thereby reducing the performance of the battery which in turn reduces the voltage.

The decrease in voltage of a battery leads to many thinking that the battery is worn-out or worse, it is dead and requires replacement. However, getting a new battery is strain taking for many as the cost and replacement labor is huge.

So How Does the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Works?

EZ battery reconditioning

The program outlines very simple to follow the steps of how to rejuvenate your ‘dead’ battery. Carefully remove the battery from your device and disconnect all the power cables from the battery. You must have your gloves and eye protection and also ensure the space around which you are working in dry and secure.

Start the reconditioning of your battery by cleaning the terminals or contacts on the battery. You will find that the positive and the negative terminals have residue that has built around it over the years of use. The residue needs to be cleaned with steel wool or an abrasive brush to keep a decent contact point. A clogged battery contact or terminal results in lack or inconsistent voltage and the consequence is decreased power in either starting or running your device.

The next step is to get a volt-meter and a hydrometer. A hydrometer is used to measure the density of liquids and since the lead-acid battery contains fluid, it is advisable to check the fluid density of each cell to make sure it is performing as expected. On the other hand, a voltmeter or multi-meter will help you check the voltage readings of the battery. These devices can be gotten from a home improvement store or be bought cheaply online.

Check the terminal and ensure the reading is consistent with what your battery should read. Use the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide to check each cell’s electrolyte level with the help of a hydrometer. Ensure each of the cells is performing sufficiently. Make sure you not any concerns about an individual cell such as cracking and bulging. Moreover, the guide has made it clear on what to look out for. Of importance that you must observe safety measures when checking the cells, as such, always wear protective gear like we earlier mentioned.

What Next?

EZ battery reconditioning

For a better understanding of the EZ Battery Reconditioning program, first, you have to understand that your car’s alternator cannot fully recharge your battery due to not having enough voltage to reverse sulfation on the battery plates. But what is sulfation? This is the reaction between lead and sulphuric acid which results in sulfur build up on the lead plates in the batteries cells. The sulfur build-up eventually leads to a decrease in electricity output from the battery.

How can you get rid of the sulfation from the lead-acid batteries?

You can remove sulfation from your battery by a method called equalization. This method involves the use of high voltage with low amplitude current to enable the battery to rejuvenate over time. However, proper safety precautions must be observed.

Another method for reconditioning involves the use of a chemical additive. When the chemical additive is added into sulfatein the battery chamber it binds to the compound to remove the lead.

The final method outline in the EZ Battery Reconditioning is the use of a high-frequency device to remove the sulfate over time. You will find the method discussed in detail in the ebook as well as its pros and cons. Moreover, safety concerns are emphasized for those who may feel wary of carrying out such tasks.


  • It is an affordable guide that is straightforward to follow
  • The guide comes with illustrations that make the learning of this program fun and engaging
  • Assists in minimizing operation costs significantly


  • Suitable only for those who have a lot of time
  • Lessons have no video format

Why Choose the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course?

Here are some of the advantages that make EZ Battery Reconditioning Program:

  • Saves Money

Buying a car or device battery can be expensive especially if you didn’t plan for it. Therefore, reconditioning your worn-out battery can save you a significant amount of money while reducing your cost of operation even further. Moreover, you can not only recycle lead-acid batteries but also laptops and other rechargeable batteries.

  • Environment-Friendly

If for instance, you discard about 5 batteries per year, all the chemicals and the lead from the batteries will end up causing an irreparable to the environment. Therefore, rather than discarding the batteries to the landfill, reconditioning is a much better option that can go a long way in keeping the environs clean.

  • EZ Reconditioning Course is Affordable

The EZ Battery Reconditioning program is readily available for as less as $50 and if you want value then you can make significant savings. However, it is not just saving; you can also launch a battery recycling business.

  • The Program is Simple and Enjoyable to Learn

The entire program comes with clear steps and guides that are easy to follow. Moreover, graphic demonstrations make the entire learning fun and enjoyable.

EZ Battery Reconditioning: Is it for everyone?

Even though the EZ Battery Reconditioning is an amazing program, it fails to impress some individuals especially when it comes to:

  • Time Management

This program isn’t for those who have a tight schedule. The program requires more time and dedication even though it makes the reconditioning process very easy but needs an effort on your part.

  • Safety Issues

If you are working with batteries that contain hazardous materials such as acid and lead, you have to always wear protective gear and make sure you are working in an open area or a well-ventilated room.

  • Lack of Video Format

If you prefer videos over reading, then the EZ Battery Reconditioning could be disappointing because none of its steps or guides have video formats.

EZ battery reconditioning


Generally, there are those readers who get skeptical about EZ Battery Reconditioning Program. Here are some of the frequently asked questions asked by our visitors:

Q: Does EZ Battery Reconditioning work?

A: The EZ Battery Reconditioning is a step-by-step process that is carefully crafted and most individuals are delighted since their worn-out or dead batteries can be brought to life. However, the type, age, and condition of the battery will matter in the success of the process.

Q: Is it a one-time payment and no future fees?

A: Yes. Once you pay for the guide, all the three additional freebies will be yours. Moreover, the updates of EZ Battery Reconditioning methods are always available and free for all members.

Q: How can I get the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide?

A: Once you are on the official EZ Battery Reconditioning website, you can click the “Add to Cart” icon and input the necessary details asked for completion of purchase. Once the transaction is complete the guide is ready for you to download in a pdf file. 

Q: Is the online payment system secure?

A: Absolutely, the online payment system is secure since the EZ Battery Reconditioning is a legitimate company and all the regulations and accreditation comply. So you can conduct the payment transactions without worry.


As you can see, the battery reconditioning isn’t hard and technical as someone might portray it to be. Reviving a dead battery now is no longer difficult with this program. All you need to do is to follow the steps that are easily understood even if you have less technical skills. The language used is simple and straightforward.

Besides, the EZ Battery Reconditioning testimonials can give you more insights into how the entire reconditioning process of a battery is regardless of the type of battery. Revive your dead battery today to save money and the environment!