Battery powered outdoor security camera, Why You Need Them And How To Choose The Best Of Them

With the advent of network cameras such as wireless cameras and Battery powered outdoor security cameras, the cost of installing CCTV cameras has become even cheaper. Although CCTV cameras seem simple, there are many types of CCTV cameras on the market.

This time, we will review ways to choose a CCTV camera to use in your home, as well as recommend the best CCTV camera for you, by comparing the price and function. This article is a must-read for those of you who want to buy a CCTV camera to protect your family and keep your home safe.

You can get great benefits just by installing a Battery powered outdoor security camera. According to the results of a police survey in the Kawasaki region, Japan, which installed CCTV cameras in public spaces since 6 years ago, the crime rate that occurred a year after installing a CCTV camera has doubled compared to the previous two years.

The benefits of installing Battery powered outdoor security camera cameras in the home environment are:

• Prevent the entry of thieves and robbers

• Prevent entry of people into vehicle/garage parking lots (vandalism in motorized vehicles)

• Prevents mischief in the area outside the house (graffiti walls/fences)

• Prevents stalking

• Anticipate problems due to neighbors (garbage, tree planting)

• Monitor the condition of children and pets when you are not at home

For those of you who have complaints about the problems above, maybe the installation of CCTV cameras will be one step of repair as well as solving the problem for you.

How to choose a Battery powered outdoor security camera

Then, what should be done when you want to buy a Battery powered outdoor security camera for your home? Below we will review the points on how to choose the right CCTV camera for your home.

When you intend to install a CCTV camera, the first thing you need to make sure of is the place and time of surveillance. Do you want to monitor indoor or outdoor locations? Are there particular places of special interest to you, such as safes, entrance gates, or places with wider coverage such as courtyards?

Regarding time, is it enough during the day or do conditions at night also need to be monitored? If you do not choose the right CCTV camera for the environmental conditions of your home, then the benefits you get will not be maximized.

For outdoor installations, you should choose a special Battery powered outdoor security camera, which is superior in terms of camera durability. It’s also good if you choose a camera that has an international certificate in terms of resistance to dust and water.

Regarding the monitoring time, when you still want to see in the darkness of the night, please choose a Battery powered outdoor security camera that has the function of capturing images in dark conditions. Several types of cameras have this function, for example, LED cameras with infrared light and cameras with night vision (low light camera) that can record images even with minimal light.

For those of you who want to take pictures in certain places such as in the safe room, gate, and parking as close as possible to the dark conditions, you should choose a camera LED that is equipped with infrared light. However, LED CCTV cameras with infrared have distance limitations, which is the normal viewing distance to a distance of only a few dozen meters. If you want a Battery powered outdoor security camera that can monitor a wide area at night, you can install a low light type camera, because, with just a little light, the image of the object will be recorded more clearly.

Of course, you now understand how important it is to choose the right CCTV camera, which is by the time of use and the place you want to monitor.

Functions that fit the purpose and place

If you already know the purpose of installation, time and place, the next step is to ascertain whether there are products that have functions that support these objectives or not.

There are various functions of a Battery powered outdoor security camera, such as the number of pixels, the color produced (black and white or color), the presence or absence of the recording function, the presence or absence of the backlight function, and the function of remote monitoring. You may not choose your origin, and it is very important to check whether the product you choose has been equipped with the right function according to the time, environment, and area of ​​the area you want to monitor.

Between budget and level of supervision

Battery powered outdoor security camera has many price variations, depending on its function. If you only think in terms of price, maybe you will get a product with minimal functionality. That means the benefits of supervision that you get are also low. Please balance the budget with the supervisory capabilities you want.

We recommend IP cameras (network cameras), which are cameras that can be obtained at affordable prices, yet are rich in functionality. Network cameras are products that combine computers and cameras, recordings will be sent directly through the IP network. This Battery powered outdoor security camerais practical because you can see the place being supervised directly using a computer or smartphone, wherever you are.

Choose those whose scope of supervision is broad

For those of you who prioritize the broad scope of surveillance, for example, the entire area of ​​the house, we recommend products that are sold in packages and consist of several cameras. This means that the monitoring function will be carried out in more detail. It is very good if you choose a product that has advantages in the recording function because it is very important to have proof of the recording in the event of a crime.

Comprehensive supervision to prevent crime

For those of you who want to invest fully in comprehensive surveillance for home safety and peace, we recommend a Battery powered outdoor security camera that is sold by home security companies or package sales. There is a combination of security services in the form of multiple functions offered as a form of intimidation against perpetrators as well as criminal reporting functions.

Lately, many cameras have sprung up that are used to conduct surveillance of families and pets. There are types of CCTV that can see images in real-time from a distance, CCTV that can provide notifications when something strange happens through a motion detection function, or a type that can record sound.

If you are among those who are considering the use of Battery powered outdoor security cameras to protect families and pets from criminals, you should choose the functions that are owned by a simple camera, for indoor use.

3 best CCTV camera recommendations for your home

Using the reviews above, here are 3 best CCTV camera recommendations for observing and securing your home.

1. BL-C210 Panasonic

Battery powered outdoor security camera

Stak out moving objects and maintain your privacy. This CCTV is quite expensive but has an optimal function. This camera is suitable for snooping moving objects because it uses MPEG-4 JPEG Moving Image Function and has a sound detector. This camera can be connected to a TV, PC or cellphone, so you can do remote surveillance. This is a camera that is suitable for watching certain areas or certain rooms in your home.

The uniqueness of this camera is the privacy mode, which is a button that can turn off the camera directly. You do not need to worry about someone else who can observe your activities in the room. This CCTV camera is a type that is placed on a table or cabinet.

2. Sony SNC-DH110

CCTV with compact design, equipped with CMOS sensors. CCTV Sony this one has a compact and stylish design, so it is suitable to be placed in your home or office room to give the impression of luxury and more elegant. This camera is equipped with advanced EXMOR technology and CMOS sensors, which can produce clear images and can follow the movements of moving objects, even in dark conditions.

The 1.3 MP camera can produce images with a high enough resolution. The price is quite expensive but this camera is also equipped with ONVIF compliance so that data transmission can run smoothly.

3. ANRAN 8CH NVR POE Video Surveillance System

Battery powered outdoor security camera

Do you want to use a Battery powered outdoor security camera right away without the hassle of buying all the other equipment? Want a thorough observation outside the fence of the house, yard, garage, to the area inside the house? This is a video surveillance package that provides all these needs, just plug it in and start observing right away!

With 4 CCTV cameras that meet IP66 dustproof and waterproof standards, you are free to install them outdoors or indoors. Equipped with an infrared LED and IR-Cut filter, 1080p HD image quality can be produced clearly at night though. With a motion detector and P2P remote viewing, you are free to make observations even from a smartphone though. Practical and comprehensive!

However, if you want to have a Battery powered outdoor security camera you can buy a battery pack that will act as a power source. It is going to be compatible with all security cameras so that when the electricity is down, you can still have those cameras working.