You work in the site that does not have enough electrical supply or relatively remote area. On the other side, job requires air compressor that is capable to support pneumatic tool. Bringing the device as air compressor is not easy task due to weight and size. As the solution, you pick the portable one and this is where you should consider Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor.

This device is dedicated for construction site where workers must have proper compressor in tough spot. In general, standard one is the standalone device that you must have roller when bring into certain location. That’s main problem due to less portability especially when road or path is rough. On the other hand, the portable compressor from Dewalt has pneumatic flywheel, which you can push or pull with handler. Moreover, weight is not too much troublesome if you put into the back of the truck. The compressor capacity is 30 gallon. That’s brief introduction about Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor. More information and explanation will be explored in the following sections.

Features and Specifications

You must know what this compressor can do before buying, at least the basic information how does air compressor work. In simple term, this device will use oil or electricity to pressurize air inside the tank then release as the high-density and compressed air flow. When you hit your own hand with this airflow, it is like pushing with the solid object.

Some tools utilize the pneumatic method with the long pipe that is attached to air compressor. You let the air goes into this pipe at certain pressure level. After that, you use tools properly. The next list shows features and specs you get from Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor.

  • Portable tank

The obvious part of this device is tank with capacity 30 gallon. This is main part that most of air compressor must have. You may see the compressor without tank but still deliver heavy pressure. That is the most advanced system. On the contrary, this product is for portability only which mean the technology should be adjusted with basic need. The tank uses cast iron with high solidity and capability to contain the high-pressurized air. Moreover, manufacturer puts extra layer as the protection. You will get the best portable tank for air compressor at all.

  • Peak horsepower

The air compressor is device that utilizes power to deliver compressing work. Based on official information, Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor can produce between 1.5 and 1.9 horsepower. It depends on model you use. Sometime, you will have more power because work is tough and the compressor must produce the top support of power.

  • Balanced flywheel

As you can see, this portable air compressor uses balanced flywheel with cast iron material. This flywheel is reason this device can go around easily. You can push or pull easily when lifting into roller. You may adjust both wheels to ensure avoiding unnecessary force comes hitting the tank from outside. Good thing about this part is replaceable especially even you can get rid of it for more portable lifting.

  • Oil and non-oil compressor

Dewalt 30 gallon air compressorhas two main model, oil and non-oil ones. Each looks similar such as the tank and tools of the top of it. On the other side, you see oil section that is useful for pumping. For non-oil compressor, such device relies on specific pump that does not need support from oil use. If you choose the oil mode, the air compressor requires regular oil change. You check oil level and make sure not below level.

  • Cooling system

Oil is useful to soothe the compressing machine to avoid extreme exhaustion. If you use non-oil one, the cooling system will keep the machine out of exhaustion easily. It can lowerthe temperature that leads to extending the pump capability. If you touch the pump and tank are at the extreme temperature, check the cooling system. This part has same function as the oil except different composition. This is what you must know before choosing the portable air compressor from Dewalt.

  • Cast iron pump

The most important part on Dewalt 30 gallon air compressoris cast iron pump. The air will come from the pump then reaches the target directly and easily. The pump uses twin V mode that is capable to reduce unnecessary pumping. This technology uses stable cylinder body that is capable to stabilize thermal condition. Dewalt covers the pump with cast iron for protection. Combination between the pump and tank will deliver the best productivity you can get in the air compressor.This pump also has aluminum head that is light enough for simple operating

  • Maximum pressure

The maximum pressure for this device is approximately 155 PSI. You get this number from both models, oil and non-oil version. It has pressure control that you can set based on necessity. If you need more pressure, set the level at the highest mode. On the other hand, you also reduce the pressure based on requirement that the pneumatic tool must have.

  • On-board control

From the top tank, you see some tools. They are tank pressure gauge, switch, flow regulator, connect air outline. The gauge is for controlling pressure that you will release. Put more level when need compression and it has limitation. Switch is for on-off mode when you operate this compressor. Flow regulator is for safety measure when you plug outline into direct pipe for tool. This on-board control looks simple and easy to understand. You will know how to operate this air compressor for first try.

You check technical specifications from official website. Main features, techs, and specs are already explained at above section. Knowing what you will get is useful before you ready to purchase. From Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor, you see that manufacturer puts extra effort to make sure it will deliver the best capability.

Maintenance and Warranty

This air compressor is suitable for professional, contractor, and other that require constant pump compression from airflow. You can use it for paint sprayer, sander, nail guns, and more tools. You also utilize this device for specific purpose especially in location where standard compressor cannot do the work.

  1. Oil change and cooling inspection

The air compressor is designed for high duty task, but you cannot forget it will be exhausted. Long period utilization is not issue if you use for low and medium level. On the contrary, you must do proper maintenance such as oil change and checking cooling system. The owner has to lubricate Dewalt 30 gallon air compressorwith proper oil. Check the manual guide and you find instruction how to do oil change. Moreover, the oil should be compatible with the requirement that Dewalt recommends. You may use different oil, but the compatibility is the main issue. It is better for using the right oil than trying something with high risk. You do not want the air compressor becomes depraved or broken.

Certain model does not rely on oil but has cooling system. This kind of model has different configuration regarding pump exhaustion. You must check and do proper maintenance to ensure the cooling system is in the right level. This is main factor that the owner cannot ignore. When cooling or oil is not work, you must stop the device from work.

  • Cleaning compressor

The air compressor uses high quality material for tank, valve, pump, and control including wheel. You still do cleaning specially spot that easily has dirt. The good thing is you rely on compressing technique from pneumatic tool. You plug into the compressor itself then let the pressurized air sprays then hit the dirt or stain on this device. As alternative, you use clean cloth and water for small pieces of dirt that is usually attached on the tank.

Dewalt provides warranty for all products including this one. Based on official information, customer will receive two-year warranty including support and spare part. You should check the manual book and call customer support when need urgent help. Sometime, you may get more from manufacturer when buying Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor.

More about Portable Air Compressor

The portable air compressor has another benefit, which is affordable price. Company will put money in the top list before buying new tool such as compressor. You compare between benefits and price you spend. Calculate properly and see if the device is worth your money. This part is something that Dewalt prevails compare to other. Company has been in this business for long time. Producing air compressor is one of products that are dedicated for specific use. Users will have complete package including some accessories.

From explanation above, you know what you get when having this device. Specs, features, and tech are suitable for professional and any jobs. You can have this one in your garage and do you work. It can be very mobile when you need air compressor anywhere. That’s what you should know about Dewalt 30 gallon air compressor.