Air Compressor is a very useful tool if you want to add air to your car tires or when you want to wash your car’s air filter. You need a strong and durable air compressor. Many air compressors are sold in the market, one of which is the Dewalt Air compressor. You can also buy Dewalt air compressor parts just in case there are some parts that you have to replace in the machine. Speaking of Dewalt air compressor parts, maybe you want to know how you can get air compressor parts for your Dewalt air compressor machine. You also want to know the parts of air compressors sold in the market. In this article, we would like to review some Dewalt air compressor parts so you get some information before buying them.

What are the Dewalt air compressor parts?

Dewalt Air Compressor Parts

Generally, Dewalt air compressor parts are important parts of the DeWalt brand air compressor. DeWalt is a well-known brand in the USA that manufactures a wide variety of machines for workshop needs. Basically, if you buy a Dewalt air compressor machine as a whole, then you only have to use it. You no longer need to buy the air compressor parts unless you buy them for backup. However, one time your air compressor needs treatment or may have problems. So, you might need to buy some air compressor parts that you need. Some of the air compressor parts are sold separately so you can buy them one by one. You also have to make sure that the parts are suitable for DeWalt air compressors. Therefore, it is very important to check the product you are buying that matches the Dewalt brand.

What parts can you buy?

Dealing with air compressor parts, there are so many parts that you might buy. This depends on the needs. Not all the parts you have to buy. Buy a broken machine. Some of the parts that you might be able to buy are regular repair kits, compressor replacement pressure gauges, compressor replacement regulator repair kits, air compressor regulator manifolds, compressor OEM cylinder kits, air compressor pressure switches, compressor 2 pack cylinder kits, replacement fans, balls valve, O ring seal, replacement filter, genuine OEM drive belt, drain valve, safety valve, micro pressure switch, bonnet regulator, regulator knob, replacement dipstick, quadraporta air line splitter with a regulator, rocker switch, rubber hose, universal connector, gauge power cords, food contact marking, and much more.

How much do Dewalt air compressor parts cost?

Dewalt Air Compressor

There are many parts that you might be able to buy to replace the damaged parts on your Dewalt air compressor. You do not have to replace all parts of the machine because it will cost a lot of money. Basically, Dewalt air compressor parts are not expensive that depends on the parts you want to buy. If you buy a complete engine with parts, then you might have to pay around $ 360 for Dewalt air compressor 225 PSI Max handy carry with wheels. Meanwhile, you can choose another type of Dewalt air compressor such as the Dewalt package air compressor 6 gallon 165 PSI that costs about $ 108. Those are the prices of two kinds of Dewalt air compressor machines.

What about the compressor parts prices? As mentioned above, there are a few parts that you might buy for your Dewalt air compressors. For example, if you buy a Dewalt pressure gauge, then you have to pay around $ 32. It also depends on the quality. You can get a pressure gauge that costs $ 18. Perhaps, you need a replacement fan for your Dewalt air compressor, then you have to pay around $ 12. For a genuine ring seal, it costs $ 16. Meanwhile, for the replacement filter, you need to pay $ 29, and the drive belt costs $ 41 while the replacement cord costs about $ 23. For the premium rubber hose, you have to pay it for $ 34. Some of those air compressor parts are quite expensive to afford, even if you buy them one by one, maybe you can get a new air compressor.

Where to buy Dewalt air compressor parts?

Actually, you can buy Dewalt air compressor parts in Dewalt authorized stores throughout America. You can also buy it online. If in your city there is no Dewalt official store, then you can buy it at an online store. You can also visit the official Dewalt website to check the parts. Some online stores such as Amazon and eBay also sell Dewalt air compressor parts. You must check the price before making the purchase. You have to refer to the original Dewalt product prices. You can call Dewalt customer service to find out about Dewalt product prices. If you prefer to buy the parts online, you should be careful about counterfeit products, especially when you buy not from an official store.

Can you use air compressor parts from other brands? DeWalt only produces the parts for Dewalt products. Some parts may be able to use accessories other than Dewalt products, but we cannot guarantee whether it will work properly or not. It’s better if you use original DeWalt products so that you are satisfied and it will be compatible with your Dewalt air compressor.

What about the product warranty?

Dewalt Air Compressor

If you buy a new air compressor, you might get a product warranty. You can replace your air compressor with a new one as long as you contact customer service. However, if you buy air compressor parts, there is no warranty because you bought them separately. Maybe you only get a store warranty. Some parts may still get a warranty depending on the type of the product. You can find out about warranty products from item descriptions. Usually, the seller will provide warranty information on each item sold. If the part is too expensive, you should consider the warranty. For more information, you can contact Dewalt customer service.

How to buy Dewalt air compressor parts?

Dewalt air compressor parts might be so important to buy because if you don’t replace them, the machine will not work. But, before you buy the air compressor parts, you should consider the following points.

Make sure you know the part to be replaced

Which part is damaged on your air compressor? You have to know whether the part really needs to be replaced or indeed it just needs to be repaired. Maybe, your pressure gauge isn’t working, so you have to make sure that everything is installed correctly. If it still doesn’t work, maybe you should replace it. Then, you can buy a new one.

Where you will buy it

Choosing the right store that sells Dewalt accessories is very important. If not, you might get a shop that sells counterfeit goods or is not OEM compliant. You better buy it in the official Dewalt shop. If you buy it online, you can buy it at a trusted online store. You also have to make sure that the product you are buying is genuine Dewalt products.

Always consider the price

Original goods are the best choice, but they are not always expensive. Most air compressor parts are priced at an affordable price, depending on the items you need. If you have to replace many parts and the price is more expensive than the price of the machine itself, you better buy a new air compressor.

Consider the product warranty

Some air compressor parts are not on sale with a warranty, so maybe you shouldn’t expect it. But, if the item is too expensive, you better see the product warranty.

Don’t use other brand products

Dewalt Air Compressor Parts

Perhaps, you think that some of the parts can be replaced with other brand’s parts. We do not recommend you to use other brand products to replace the broken parts on your Dewalt air compressor. You should choose the original Dewalt air compressor parts so that it will work properly.

Read customer’s reviews

Checking the originality and the quality Dewalt product is necessary. In this case, you can check the customer reviews online. But, when you choose Dewalt products, you are no need to worry about quality. Most of the users are satisfied with the products and the parts for their air compressors.

Finally, that’s all a brief review of Dewalt air compressor parts that you may need to know. You can buy the Dewalt air compressor parts when you need them.   The air compressor parts are also available for sale in many official Dewalt stores. There are a few parts that you may want to replace, but you do not have to replace all of the parts. You only have to replace the broken part with the new part. Also, Dewalt air compressor parts are not too expensive depending on the products you choose. Whether you buy it online or offline, buying the original products are very important. You should worry about fake products otherwise your air compressor will just get damaged or do not work properly.