Whether you are a professional or a DIY hobbyist who relies on cordless power drills in your woodworking endeavors, one thing is absolute! Having the best drill bit set is very important to the result of your tasks.

Drill bits are designed in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, manufactures from different materials and coated to suit their specific projects. For instance, high-speed steel (HSS) that is deemed more economical is meant for boring through soft steel, wood, and plastic. Cobalt, which is an upgrade, is ideal for making holes into stainless steel and hard steel while Carbide is used to make the hardest drill bit which is used in production.

For this post, we review DEWALT Drill Bit Set and see what they have to offer to the DIY enthusiasts or professional woodworks out there. But first, let’s look at the different materials used to make drill bits.

Drill Bit Materials

Various materials are used to design and make drill bits and they largely depend on the required application. The following materials are commonly used in making drill bits:

  • Soft Low-carbon Steel: Bits made from soft low-carbon steel are affordable yet can hold an edge excellently. However, they require regular sharpening. Bits from this material are mainly used to bore softwoods since hardwoods can significantly shorten their lifespan.
  • High-Carbon Steel: Bits made from this material are more long-lasting compared to low-carbon steel bits owing to properties inferred by toughening and tempering the material. However, under high temperatures, the bits will overheat thereby losing their temper and end up softening the cutting edge. Bits from these materials are used to drill wood or metal.
  • High-Speed Steel (HSS): HSS bits are hard and more resistant to heat compared to high-carbon steel. They can effectively bore hardwood, metal among other materials at high drilling speeds.
  • Cobalt Steel Alloys: Bits from Cobalt steel highly hard and can hold together even under high temperatures. They are commonly used to drill stainless steel and other hard material. Nonetheless, they are more brittle compared to bits made from standard HSS.
  • Tungsten Carbide: Bits made from tungsten carbide or other carbides are extremely hard and can drill almost all types of materials. However, they are very expensive and much more brittle than those made of steel. As such, they are only used for drill-bit tips, small pieces of hard material fixed or brazed onto the tip of a bit that is made from a less hard material.

DEWALT DW1354 14-Pc Titanium Drill Bit Set

The DEWALT DW1354 14-Pc Titanium Drill Bit Set is designed with heavy-duty patented titanium pilot points that start on contact. The heavy-duty titanium also helps in preventing walking. This drill set includes bits that are often used for a wide range of metal, wood, and plastic drilling applications.

This set features no-spin sharks thus you won’t have the bits slipping during application. These bits are designed and made from high-quality steel and coated with titanium to provide more durability for a longer lifespan even when regularly used to bore into non-ferrous metals. The tapered web minimizes breakages and is perfect for drilling into wood and plastic materials for residential and commercial use.

These drill bits come in a durable carrying case that also keeps the bits organized and ready to go. If you need drill bits that are designed with high-performance and durability in mind, trust the DEWALT DW1354 14-Pc Titanium Drill Bit.

DEWALT DW1361 21-Pc Titanium Drill Bit Set

The DEWALT DW1361 21-Pc Titanium Drill Bit Set is designed especially for drilling through wood and plastic materials for both residential and commercial applications. These bits are designed with a pilot point technology which makes them ideal for drilling wood and plastic materials. But owing to their robustness and versatility, you can occasionally use them in boring through metal and PVC materials.

These bits are made from steel and coated by titanium to achieve a tough and durable structural integrity that protects against the corrosive effects during drilling of hard materials. Therefore, if you want drill bits for heavy-duty industrial applications then this could be your ideal choice.

They feature tapered web and have no-spin sharks thus will last for many years of happy drilling. Drilling generates very high temperatures, but these bits are designed to be resistant to high temperatures so you don’t have to worry about bits breakage when in use. With the twist construction of these drill bits, you will find it easy to bore through materials while ensuring a smooth penetration.

These bits are designed to start drilling upon contact with the surface for a clean and perfect drilling process. With a set of 21 pieces of drill bits, you have a lot of flexibility in deciding on the most suitable bit for your application is. These bits range between 1/16th –inch and ½-inch. All these bits are carried in a durable carrying case that is convenient for not only carry the pits but also arranges them for easy retrieval. If you want the best bits for drilling wood and plastic materials, get the DEWALT DW1361 21-Pc Titanium Drill Bit Set.

DEWALT DW1177 20-Pc Black Oxide Drill Bit Set

The DEWALT DW1177 20-Pc Black Oxide Drill Bit Set comes with bits between size 1/16-inch and 1/2-inch. These bits are designed with a black oxide finish to ensure maximum protection against wear while guaranteeing the longevity of the bits. The parabolic flute design also contributes to the robustness of these bits hence you can bore through materials without worrying about breakages.

These bits are designed with a 135-degree split-point that is they to reducing slip and walking while allowing for easier no-slip starting. The bits are also razor-sharp which makes them easy to bore through materials like wood, plastic, and metal.

To ensure these DEWALT bits are easy and convenient to carry around to and from your projects, they come in a tough case container. It casing also ensures all the bits are well organized. Moreover, the sliding soft-grip locks to keep all the bits secured.

Overall, these DEWALT DW1177 drill bits are perfect for both domestic and industrial-strength projects. They are high-quality and labor-intensive bits that will enable you to complete your projects faster. This drill set comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee; hence you can trust the quality DEWALT brand offers its customers.

How to Choose the Best Drill Bit Set for Your Needs

  • Construction Material

Just like we mentioned earlier on, drill bits are designed and manufactured from different metal variations and for different working with specific materials in mind. If you plan to use your drill bits to bore holes through metals, pay attention to robust drill bits available to deliver excellent performance. To bore through abrasive materials like stainless steel and aluminum, you will need industrial-strength drill bits that don’t break or blunt faster.

  • The Design of the Drill Bits

Now that you have settled for your preferred material construction, it is time to pick on the most suitable designed drill bits for your projects. Apart from the drill bits coming in various designs, the difference is also evident in the boring angles. However, the decision on the design of the drill bits ought to be informed by the materials you plan to drill. If you intend to drill hard metals, consider a step-design as opposed to twisting designs.

  • Durability

Certainly, you do not want a case where you have your brand new drill bit set today and in the first drill project, you are headed back to the store for a new back due to breakages. Drilling through materials especially the hardest is a tough job. Along with the drilling through hard metal, high temperatures are going to be experienced and corroding of the cutting edges of the bits. To avoid these kinds of inconveniencies, consider searching for titanium or cobalt drill bits as they are said to stand the test of time in resisting heat and abrasion.

  • Re-Sharpening

Often, drilling through hard metal materials produces heat and friction that in turn reduces the sharpness of the bits after prolonged use. Sharpening an industrial-strength material like titanium for drill bit is extremely difficult. However, re-sharpening drill bits made from Cobalt is pretty easy. The titanium coating on drill bits ensures you have a longer shelf-life for your drill bits and sharpening may negatively impact this benefit.

  • Type of Coating

Drill bits feature sharp tips that are often coated by various manufacturers for purposes of enhancing their performance and versatility. These tips are commonly coated by the use of either black oxide and titanium oxide or nitride. Black oxide is great at strengthening the drill tips but not efficient for non-ferrous metals. On the other hand, titanium oxide cannot only increase the ability of the drill bits to drill through abrasive material but also heightens their strength and resistance to corrosion.


Undoubtedly, drill bits have become a necessity in the workstations of both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. For regular repair and improvements around the house, drill bits are a must-have. And DEWALT has taken upon itself to manufacture superior quality drill bits that will perform excellently in whatever applications you subject them. Any DEWALT Drill Bit Set is designed for high performance, durability, and neatly arranged in a carrier case for convenient storage and transportation.