Do you have a DEWALT table saw and you are wondering which DEWALT table saw stand would be perfect for you? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as we will help you with the necessary information that will enable you to find the most ideal DEWALT table saw stand.

If you own a portable table saw, you can attest to how useful it is especially when you have different cutting jobs on various job sites. With a portable table saw, you can easily move from one work station to another in a convenient way. And one of the main elements of the table saw that will promote mobility with your table saw is the table saw stand.

There are many different brands of the table saw stands to choose from, on the market, and it might be a challenge for you especially when you have little knowledge about these brands. That is why in this post we look at the DEWALT brand and the kind of table saw stand they offer to the market.  However, let’s start by looking at the different types of table saw stand available in the market.

Types of Table Saw Stands

The following are the main types of table saw stands you can get from the markets:

  • Fixed Table Saw Stand: This type is one of the common types and just like the name suggests it is in a fixed position meaning it doesn’t allow adjusting or folding. However, it is the best at holding into one secure spot. They come with wheels or swivel casters for ease of moving from one job site to another.
  • Adjustable Steel Stands: Unlike the fixed table stand, this one comes in various styles. However, the most common one is the compact and collapsible design that features adjustment mechanisms and pneumatic casters or wheels for convenient transportation of table saws.
  • Aluminum Table Saw Stand: These types of table saw stands are quite similar to the adjustable steel table we have mentioned above. However, the primary difference is that these types are lighter due to the aluminum materials construction.
  • Portable Table Saw Stand:This type of table saw stand will allow you to support your portable table saws and is ideal for those who frequently move from one job site to another. The types of this table saw stands are designed to be compact, foldable legs and a collapsible design for convenient portability. They are also fitted with wheels to enhance movement from one place to another.
  • Table Saw Stand Extension: Table saw stands of this kind are a better option especially when it is about finding the right saw table stand. This is because they will provide you with extra space for working purposes. The extensions will support the material being cut for a convenient cutting process.

The main thing perhaps you have to realize among these types of table saw stands is that some features overlap in different types. As such, you can be able to choose the table saw stand that is perfect for your needs.

DEWALT DW7440RS Table Saw Stand

The DEWALT DW7440RS is a table saw stand designed to be versatile and dependable. To fulfill this function, the DW7440RS is manufactured from quality aluminum materials which makes it not only lightweight but also strong enough to support your table saw as well as your workload. 

It comes with a wide base and rear offset legs that provide you and your table saw more stability when making cuts. This leg design will ensure you get more support for feed control. With the levers, you will be able to fold your table stand by the legs fairly fast for moving to another job site or storage. Besides, the kickstand feature is responsive to ensure the stand remains upright even when the table saw is attached. Your table saw will be held in position by the connect stand brackets.

The DEWALT DW7440RS is designed with comfort and high-performance in mind. It is designed with a perfect height that you won’t have to worry about tiring or muscle aches.  Owing to its all-aluminum construction, it weighs just 33 pounds making it easily portable. The two wheels make it even more convenient to roll it from one point to another without compromising on functionality.

If you are looking for a comfortable DEWALT table saw stand then DEWALT-DW7440RSis the ideal choice. It is fitted with a retractable handle that has a soft grip for comfortable secure handling. During transportation, the handle will slide out for comfortable pushing. The rubber feet ensure maximum traction and stability that is much-required for making accurate cuts.

DEWALT DW7451 Compact Table Saw Stand

The DEWALT DW7451is a table saw stand designed to deliver a safe and comfortable working environment. For this, it features solid construction from heavy-duty steel that provides a stable ground that is needed for safe and comfortable operation. Besides, it comes with support bar hardware holes that allow for the secure fastening of your table saw to the stand.

Even though DEWALT-DW7451 features all-steel construction, it is lightweight with just 13.1 pounds making it extremely easy to transport and carry from one spot to another in your work station. Moreover, it folds flat for easy handling, transport as well as for storage purpose.

With the heavy-duty steel construction, this table saw stand is manufactured to tackle the toughest of the saw jobs at the job site. It is designed for use with the DWE7480 10-Inch Compact Table Saw, DW7450 10-Inch Compact Table Saw, DCS7485 60V 8 1/4-Inch Table Saw, and DW745 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw. If you own any of these table saws, this could be your perfect table saw stand to have in your workshop or at the job site.

DEWALT DWE74911 Mobile/Rolling Table Saw Stand

The DEWALT DWE74911 is a rolling table saw stand that is designed for easy setup and break down with exceptional comfort and stability. It features a tough all-steel construction to ensure dependability, durability, and comfort at the job sites.

It is designed to be lightweight for not only improved mobility but portability as well. The large rubber wheels allow for smooth rolling on the ground especially when you want to move from one spot to another at the job sites. The easy to fold design not only enables you to transport this table stand with ease but also allows for convenient storage.

It comes with rubber feet that ensure maximum stability for this table stand. The stability is paramount in ensuring comfort when making accurate cuts as well as efficiently support your table saw and the materials your cutting.

The DEWALT DWE74911 is designed for use with DWE7490RS, DWE7491RS, DWE7499GD, DWE7480, and DW745 table saws. So, if you own any of these saws, don’t look further than the DEWALT DWE74911 Mobile/Rolling Table Saw Stand.

How to Choose a Good DEWALT Table Saw Stand

When you are in the market shopping for a DEWALT table saw stand, it is important to be aware of the features to look out for so that you purchase a table stand that will serve your needs.

  • Compatibility

When you are purchasing a table saw stand, you must make sure it will be compatible with your DEWALT table saw. If you’re not sure, it is recommendable to purchase a universal model that works with the various table saw models.

  • Portability

A portable table saw stand has to be lightweight for convenient carrying to your job sites. Moreover, it should have legs that are foldable and wheels for ease of moving around.

  • Construction and Design

When it comes to construction, the table saw stand you intend to buy should have the capacity to support your table saw and load effectively without shaking. As such, check out for stands that feature steel or aluminium construction because these materials are strong and long-lasting. When it comes to design, it is important to pick a table saw stand with not only compact but also collapsible design. This will make it easier for you to carry and store it stress-free.

  • User friendly

You should pick a table saw stand the will be easy for you to set up and use without a hassle. A simple model that does not feature complicated setup and operation mechanisms will allow stress-free operations.

  • Width and Depth Cutting

When buying a table saw stand, don’t forget to consider the width and depth cutting you can attain when using that particular table saw stand. More importantly, focus on the rip capacity that you will get upon purchasing the table saw stand.

  • Price

Any product in the market has a price and when shopping for a table saw stand you already have a budget in mind. Therefore, look and compare the features of that table saw stands within your budget come with and choose the one that suits and serves your needs.


Having the best DEWALT table saw stand is the ultimate thing that will improve the performance and functionality of your table saw. In this post, we have shared valuable information about the DEWALT table saw stand and reviewed some models from the DEWALT brand. By reading through to this point, we believeyou will have a smooth and fulfilling experience shopping for DEWALT Table Saw Stand.