Getting the original dewalt miter saw parts is not difficult. Well, before we go into that, what is a miter saw? Miter saw is a special tool that allows making cuts at various angles and inclines. Saw Miter has blades mounted on swing arms that can rotate left or right to produce slanted cuts. We can use a miter saw to quickly cut wood molding, photo frames, door frames, architrave windows and more.

There are two types of of miter saw with different Dewalt miter saw parts on the market:

Compound Miter Saws have blades that rotate left and right for sloping cuts and straight croscut cuts. It also can cut bevel shapes. Compound miter saw are suitable for cutting wood for frames, frames, and frames and windows.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws have all the features of the compound miter saw, but it is possible to move the blades forwards and backwards. The main advantage of the sliding feature is that it can cut material wider.

Miter Saw features to watch out for

• Amperes measure the power of the saw motor. Higher amperage means more cutting power. Also note that high wattage power is certainly more effective at cutting wood, the bias of the power saw from 800 Watt to 2200 watts. However, if you use a fake Dewalt miter saw parts. You may not get this strength, though. So, be careful.

• Saw blade size is an important consideration in choosing a military saw. The original Dewalt miter saw parts blade sizes are 8, 10 and 12 inches. Keep in mind that larger diameter blades can make longer cuts.

• Angle accuracy, pay close attention to mitersaw cutting angle accuracy, it may be necessary to use an elbow or protractor to ensure the accuracy of the cutting angle stopper.

• Cutting depth, In a sliding miter saw, the cutting depth can be adjusted up and down so that it can be used to make weathering on wooden joints.

• Electric brakes, the more modern miter saw there is an effective stop feature, when the button is released the saw immediately stops, this makes the saw safer.

• Lock the axle or shaft to make it easier to change the blade.

• The dust blower channel helps remove sawdust from the cutting area.

• Dust bags are installed directly into saws and collect sawdust. This is the original Dewalt miter saw partsthat makes Dewalt a unique product.

• Laser guides and guide lights project light or shadows on the workpiece, helping to guide the piece accurately.

Tips for buying Dewalt miter saw parts

Spare parts on the market today are grouped into several categories when viewed from the brand or manufacturer’s brand. And the most common types known to the public namely, OEM, Aftermarket and Counterfeit. But do you know, friend, where are the basic differences in each of the spare part categories above?

OEM Dewalt miter saw parts

First of all, we will first discuss the types of component tools. As the name implies, Original aka the original from the manufacturer which was deliberately sold to support after-sales service. Therefore, this OEM category has the same quality, material and structure as your tools.

For example, the Honda manufacturer provides parts for its product line under the HGP brand. Why isn’t the Honda brand labeled? You see, when a manufacturer assembles a vehicle, not all of these components are produced by themselves. To be more efficient, some parts are obtained from other manufacturers which are then assembled or packaged and labeled by different brands. This is the OEM Dewalt miter saw parts. However, Dewalt will always brand its parts as its own brand. So, don’t worry.

For ordinary people, official products from the manufacturer are of good quality and more durable. That is indeed true, because the level of precision is exactly the same as that installed on the tools. But not infrequently also ORI parts have a rather expensive tag of aftermarket (non-performance) spare parts. These two factors make the spare parts of this group often falsified.

Aftermarket Dewalt miter saw parts

This one group is a match for OEM spare parts. And after we make a comparison of spare parts, this type has a different quality and price from each brand. Regarding whether or not this type of good with ORI products, of course it is very relative. Depending on you choose the performance or non-performance parts segment. Not a few friends, Bikers who prefer Aftermarket components to boost the performance of tools.

If Buddy Bikers doubts the quality of these types of spare parts, just check whether the manufacturer has a Certified Automobile Parts Association (CAPA) certification or not. In order to get this certification, the tests carried out aim to ensure that the component is “functionally equivalent” to the OEM part.

The good thing is, these aftermarket parts have many models and prices that are more competitive than the original Dewalt miter saw parts. Unfortunately, for an exclusive tools like Dewalt, the aftermarket product is hard to get. And if they are available, they will not be as good as the original one.

Parts of this type are components made by home industry or made by non-standard manufacturing, even illegal. Manufacturers deliberately deceive consumers by copying ORI and Aftermarket goods that have a good reputation. The selling price is often equated with the price of genuine parts but with very poor quality.

Make sure you get the Genuine Dewalt miter saw parts

In the industrial world there are many brands of engine parts as an option for industrial machines both heavy and light. For industry players, sometimes they are confused about choosing the most suitable spare parts for their industrial machines, such as Dewalt miter saw parts.

There are points for choosing spare parts for industrial machines that must be considered, because if one chooses to choose spare parts, it can have an impact on the running process of the machine which also affects production and the company’s economy.

The number of spare parts products that have good quality and attractive packaging, but there are also many spare parts that mimic the packaging of other spare parts. Even some spare parts steal the packaging and logos of famous brand spare parts. So industry players should not be fooled by the outer packaging of spare parts.

To distinguish genuine and fake spare parts is the color and writing on the packaging. The original spare parts usually have clearer text and color. And when purchasing spare parts, do not hesitate to ask whether the spare parts are genuine or fake. To be more confident with spare part products, is to buy at authorized agents. If buying at an authorized dealer or shop, then the possibility is very small that the spare parts purchased are fake. And if the purchase is proven to be false, you can, file a complaint.

One sign of the original spare part is, when opening it, it usually takes a little energy, or a little difficult. The reason is, the original spare parts are strong, because the original spare parts are packaged to the manufacturer’s standards. You can pay close attention to the material used in the spare part by way of or pay attention to the packaging table.

Usually fake spare parts use low quality materials. Meanwhile, the original spare parts are made better, for example if the original uses steel material, while the fake one uses iron material. For the sake of getting the maximum engine maintenance results, you should always use original Dewalt miter saw parts.

Before installing a circular saw or when buying a circular saw to back up your machine it is very important to know that there are various types of circular saw blades that have been designed according to their functions and objectives. Some are specifically designed only for chopping wood, some are designed specifically for cutting and some are used for the function of ‘combination’ in the sense of both for splitting and cutting.

In this way we can get the right type of saw blades and in accordance with the budget we have. And the difference that we can see from each of these functions is based on the number of sawtooths, tatal holes, sawtooth configurations and sawtooth angles.

1. Number of Sawtooths

Cutting wood usually requires a saw blade with more teeth to get a smooth, neat cut. More teeth means ‘work’ for each saw tooth, which is lighter and fewer, and the surface of the wood that is cut does not have small, coarse chips. This is the most important thing about this Dewalt miter saw parts.

Cutting saw blades usually have teeth between 60-80 pieces that can produce very fine cuts. Even when using the highest quality steel material, the cut can look shiny smooth.

The saw blade has fewer teeth, around a minimum of 24 teeth but is capable of producing high thrust speeds when splitting. A saw requires a little energy to ‘chop’ wood.

2. Dust Hole

This cavity is found in every particular amount of sawtooth according to its function as a space for sawdust. Split saws require more and more space because the speed of the thrust on the split saws or ripsaw makes a lot of chips or powder that must be accommodated. In combination saw blades, the hole has two sizes so that when one function is used it will function optimally.

3. Sawtooth configuration

The shape of the sawtooth and how the teeth are attached also affect the quality of cutting / cleavage. Whether the teeth are tilted or intertwined are closely related to how the saw blade does its job. So, make sure you get the right Dewalt miter saw parts, especially the type of the blade.