Have you ever heard of a ring glass break sensor? Well, that sensor is the latest security technology to detect a plane of glass whether or not it’s being broken. However, why do we need this? Is our house really in that kind of danger all the time? Surprisingly, yes!

The house is the safest place to rest after a full day of activities outside. After work, the house becomes a family gathering place. Because of this, the house has become a very special place. You don’t want to miss the use of a ring glass break sensor or any other sensor to increase the security of your house.

But what happens if the homeowner is not in the house? As a protector of the house also requires adequate security facilities. This security installation is a way to prevent stolen houses.

Inside the house, a person can leave various kinds of valuables, not only money and gold but also important documents and electronic devices. Therefore, the safety of the house when it is empty must be carefully ensured. Therefore home security is needed to protect the completeness of residential goods. There are various types of home security devices that you can use, with various applications and uses, like a ring glass break sensor or door shaking alarm.

Now to ensure that your home is truly safe for every family member, of course, must have a good home security system. Now to support a good home security system such as ring glass break sensor, consider a few tips that you need to apply this:

3G Wireless Camera Alarm

Ring glass break sensor

3G wireless camera alarm is a safety device that can function to protect the house from unwanted guests. This tool works with a sensor system that will detect if there is someone unknown. Through these sensors, the alarm system will send a signal wave to a 3G camera. The camera will automatically activate and take a picture, which will then be sent via a short message on the mobile number that was previously registered. Great is not it?

Ring glass break sensor

Ring glass break sensor

In addition to security cameras, home security devices this one is no less great. No other than a glass break alarm or a warning that comes from the vibration of the glass. This ring glass break sensor is used to prevent the entry of thieves or strangers into the house.

Its application can be placed on the type of glasshouse or also on the door of a house made of glass. When the glass is experiencing vibration, the alarm will automatically sound and the whole house will know the danger that comes. This is why the ring glass break sensor is very important.

Door Sensor

In addition to a ring glass break sensor, you’ll need a door sensor. This type of safety may already be widely known in the community. Yes, door sensors are already widely used to secure homes. This tool will later be installed at several points of the door of the house, to detect if there is an effort to open the door by force. When the appliance is activated, the alarm will automatically sound if suspicious things are happening on the door of the house.

Fire extinguisher

Ring glass break sensor

Although it does not play a role as a hazard detector, a fire extinguisher is also important to have at home. This tool serves to protect the house from fire hazards. Therefore, laying the tube must be strategic and affordable from various places. But remember that this tube also has an expiration date. Therefore, you need to check several times in one month.

Liquid Detector


Liquid detectors will usually start functioning when the rainy season has arrived. With this tool, you will find out if there is a water leak in the house. This tool can also detect the arrival of floods that enter the house. For those of you who live in flood-prone areas, this tool is highly recommended for use.

Earthquake detector


As the name implies, an earthquake detector, this tool is used to detect or give a warning in the event of an earthquake. This tool is also very good for use in homes in earthquake-prone areas.

Gas Detector


As the name implies, a gas detector is a tool specifically for detecting gas leaks in the house.

Motion Detector


The motion detector has a working system that can detect the presence of heat up to the motion sensor and sound by using a perimeter system. This information can be a warning for homeowners. This is marked by the sound of an alarm that screams the ear when detected the arrival of someone who enters the house.

Surveillance Camera


Surveillance Camera or CCTV equipment is very popular indeed used to secure various types of buildings. Because these surveillance cameras can be attached to a variety of strategic locations to observe a particular situation. Of course, this equipment is good for collecting evidence rather than preventing it like a ring glass break sensor.

Observations can be made through mobile phones to computers. Usually, this tool is used to secure commercial buildings, but it never hurts to apply it to a residential home.

Wireless alarm


This tool can connect directly with existing security forces such as firefighters or the police. If at any time something bad happens in the house, a wireless alarm will send a signal in the form of a siren, which is equipped with flashing lights that resemble an ambulance. This alarm should be placed at several strategic residential points to work optimally. It can also be integrated with another sensor like a door sensor or ring glass break sensor.

Perimeter sensor


This type of device can be a heat detector to a motion sensor so that it can function to detect someone who is about to enter the house or certain area. This tool will sound like an alarm if someone enters the area where the device is installed.

And this tool will provide information to homeowners if there are signs of danger. This may not be done by security guards in the housing complex.

Maximize Telecommunications Function


Sophisticated communication media should be able to function properly to maintain home security. Like a walkie-talkie or a communication tool that is integrated into the computer. Usually, this communication tool is used by house guards or security units (security guards) who can directly communicate to the owner of the house if the house is not safe.

So, let’ say that you have your ring glass break sensor, which means someone has broken your window. You are going to hide, aren’t you? But, with the advanced technological system, your security personnel, or the police, will be noticed.

Wireless alarm sound system

Ring glass break sensor

This tool specifically gives a signal to the security or police or firefighters, if there is an incident at home, whether a thief or fire. The sound of this alarm can be like a siren or flashing lights like hospital ambulance lights. So, for example, if your ring glass break sensor is alarming, then the entire house will give a distress signal, so that other people, hopefully, the security or the police, will be easily noticed.

House Security Tips

1. Always lock the door and window of the house

Remember to always lock doors and windows when you want to leave home. Not only the front or back door, but you also have to lock the door and window of the room. This is to provide security for goods or securities at home.

These tips can also prevent thieves who want to enter your house. Apart from that, you can also replace the house door lock with an automatic lock that can be connected to your cellphone, so that it can be easier for you to control and lock the door remotely. Plus, make sure you have the door sensor and ring glass break sensor if someone finally made it to the breach.

If you use a sliding door. Use strong locks and hinges that can prevent thieves from forcing open the door. You can also install sensors that will activate if the door is forced open. Another suggestion, you can install iron bars on the window, so that thieves cannot enter the house easily through the window. And if they did, a ring glass break sensor will let everyone know.

2. Don’t let the house yard get dirty

A dirty house can indicate that the house is empty or has been abandoned for a long time. Clean the home page before leaving it for the sake of the home security system running well.

If you are going to travel far, you can hire a gardener to come to your house regularly to clean the yard. This is to prevent criminals from thinking that your house is empty, unoccupied.

5. Secure the garage

For the sake of supporting the home security system, you are also required to lock the garage. The home garage has access to the entrance to the house. This is the main target of thieves to enter your house.

For that, you need to secure the garage of your house by parking your car in the garage so that thieves cannot predict when your house will be empty. If you are going to travel, you must lock the garage, or install an automatic lock. Again, for any kind of glass surface, make sure you install the ring glass break sensor. It will be extremely helpful.