Everyone adores “Made in the U.S.A.“ A lot of politicians including the 44th president of America, Donald Trump, campaign on it, gave the promise to bring the lost jobs back for Americans. Some buyers in general, who want to find the best tools usually, look for American products due to their quality. But you might know the other side of the story as well.

The price is more expensive if the products are from America, and many shoppers have a different budget for buying tools. So, if they have more budgets, they usually choose American brand products. And if their budget is not that much, they tend to choose less expensive products.

U.S. Power Tool Companies in Assembling and Creating Products

Almost every company in the U.S. knew the value of assembling or producing products and tools. A reputation of a tool carries so much weight, and when that reputation is gone it is difficult to retrieve it back, no matter where it is made. That is the reason there are more and more companies of power tool are walking a limited line with their production recently, producing several parts at home but also taking some parts from other countries and recreating their products in America.

About DeWalt’s Tools Origin of Place

If some of you are wondering:“where are DeWalt tools made?” the answer is in the U.S. It is one of the companies which make a lot of their power tools using the U.S. made components and also materials from some countries in the U.S. It is an excellent way to use efficient budget and give American workers a job. But did you know that this company also uses a trick to sell its products fast? They told buyers that global tools of DeWalt are tested and manufactured to the same high-quality specs as their made in the production tools of the U.S.

The Number of Products DeWalt Made in the U.S.

Last year, the number of products that DeWalt has been making is 562 types of accessories, 48 power tools, and 32 different hand tools in the U.S. with global and domestic sources. The most best-selling US-made power tools are DCD780C2, 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit, and many more.

The Definition of “Global Sources” and Their Origin

Global Sources are assemblies or parts that are manufactured in a location and then sent to facilities of manufacturing across the country for final assembly. DeWalt is a global producer of accessories, hand tools, power tools, and are recently producing its tools in some countries including Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Italy, China, Brazil, Mexico, and United States. By having manufacturing facilities where they feel they can serve their best to the customers wherever they are from.

Tips for Choosing Which Products to be Made in a Specific Country

The call to create a tool in a certain country is quite hard but DeWalt is having some consideration about the place demand for that tool is the most popular. Let say, cordless product offers a big growth chance for professional contractors in the U.S. By producing those kinds of tools in the U.S. they can offer a quick response to fulfill the need of their customers.

States of DeWalt’s Manufacturing Facilities in the U.S.

DeWalt recently has manufacturing plants in Connecticut, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland.Even though DeWalt is a well-known company in producing power tools across the U.S., they set the price professionally. It means that no matter where the manufacturing location is, DeWalt continues to produce high-quality tools at the same end price.

The Quality of Tools Made in the U.S.

Tools made in the U.S. are not always the best. High-quality tools even can be produced and assembled anywhere in the world. A lot of companies that pick to produce in the U.S. have faith in a strong American value and workforce by putting the American flag on a product. Whether American shoppers appreciate them for that is a whole new question.

How to Buy Tools Wisely

Here are some guides to help you when you want to buy power tools.

  • Knowing the Right Time of the Year When Shop

It is no secret that tools are on discounts leading up to Christmas and Father’s Day. But you might not find out how the tools are on sale aggressively. You can see 50 to 70 percent off in holiday sales starting from October. And for more secret, mark your calendar on Cyber Monday and Black Friday for the largest discount ever.

Certain tools sometimes are in discount at other times of the year. Some economy experts say that February and March are usually the best months for indoor woodworking tools in discount since people are still working indoors! That is why if you don’t need a tool urgently and you can manage the time to buy it in the future, wait for when the picking is ripe.

  • Buy Combo Kits

Those package deals that can make you buy some tools at once really help you save the money if you want to replace several older tools or stock up your toolbox. You probably spend up less than 30 percent than buying every tool separately. Combos can be an extremely amazing deal in the cordless tools era. An example is when you buy some tools, but you need to buy a charger and a battery, which is cheaper than buying a charger and a battery for each one. If you go to Lowe and you purchase a Kobalt four- tool, charger, driver/drill, reciprocating saw, work light,impact driver, and two batteries with a 20-volt lithium-ion combination kit for $299. Purchasing each tool separately with a charger and a battery would cost more than $400.

The trick is that the combos sometimes include the thing that you don’t need or want, like a work light, (which is cheap) that are included to increase the number of things in the box. Some companies may also insert a new tool that people sometimes do not know how to use it. That’s when the sales do the demonstration of that new thing and might persuade you that you need it. This is the way they put the value in the package deal.

  • Be Consistent with a Brand

What goes for tools goes for gadgets too. When you are in an ecosystem of a manufacturer, it is cheaper and easier to stay there than to have some products by some producers. This is specifically true in the age of the cordless tool. The saving money you can do by buying just a single charger and battery, for example, has more than 40 tools that use the same platform of battery, allowing you to power anything from a weed trimmer to a drain auger to a hammer drill with the same battery.

When you purchase into a platform, you can purchase “bare” tools with no charger and battery included, and there are your money-saving goes. Since a lot of tool users need the ultra-fast chargers, that are usually labeled “fast” chargers since they revive a battery in 30 minutes or less, the savings can be notable – up to $50. If you recently have some brands of tools, choose your favorite and be consistent with it. You will save more money and have fewer chargers and batteries consuming space on your workbench.

The vice president of marketing and sales for Techtronic Industries Power Equipment named Brian Hobbs, states; the other essential thing for shoppers to do is find for lines that have backward compatibility. It means that the same battery can be used for both old and new generations of tools. He states a lot of toolmakers usually offer as much as compatibility as possible – it would be wrong not to. He adds that the reason toolmakers don’t leave their customers behind is when they are in the system, they will stay in the system by their persuasion. Unless they are not satisfied, they will stay, and they want to offer them the chance to save their money.

  • Stick With What You need

We believe that you might know someone whose garage is full of top-of-the-line tools in spotless conditions since they are rarely get used. And they can become pro-grade tools. But for DIYers and weekend warriors, it doesn’t make sense to spend much more money for tools with features you will never need or for pricey tools that you will only use once or twice especially when cheaper versions exist! The exception is when you need to upgrade your tool to be successful in doing a certain project such as making furniture.

So, that’s pretty much all about everything related to the DeWalt and tools. Tools that made in the U.S. are not always the best ones, but we have to admit that they are hard to beat. Whether you want to purchase tools from DeWalt or any other shops, make sure you follow our guides to consider, so you can be a smart buyer.